How to Study Chemistry for NEET? 14 Tips and Tricks

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NEET Chemistry study tips

The best way to study Chemistry for NEET is to understand, memorize, practice MCQs and revision. Chemistry in NEET is divided into 3 parts – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. In this post, we will see some of the best tips and tricks to study Chemistry for NEET.

How to Study Chemistry for NEET?

Given below are the tips and tricks to study Chemistry for NEET.

  1. Read theory from NCERT. It is the most important book for NEET Chemistry.
  2. Solve NCERT examples and exercises, practice MCQs from coaching modules.
  3. Understand the mechanisms of the reactions in Organic Chemistry. This helps in memorizing similar types of reactions.
  4. Consistently practice problems to master Organic Chemistry for NEET. After doing a problem, ask yourself what you learned from it.
  5. Keep thinking of reactions and mechanisms in your free time.
  6. Complete NCERT for Inorganic Chemistry. Write reactions to learn them completely.
  7. In Physical Chemistry, after you are done with a chapter, write down all equations from that chapter in a notebook for quick reference while solving problems.
  8. Practice and attempt new questions regularly. If you don’t practice questions, you would not be able to memorize the formulas and the concepts used.
  9. Make proper notes including the key points, and revise them often.
  10. Write sticky notes and paste them in your room. You would be able to remember a lot of things by seeing them on a daily basis.
  11. Use Mnemonics and tricks to remember difficult words, phrases and statements in Chemistry.
  12. Give a lot of mock tests, chapter-wise and full syllabus tests.
  13. Make a notebook of mistakes you made in test, and revise them before the next test.
  14. Solve all the Chemistry questions from NEET previous years papers.

So, these are the key points on how to study Chemistry for NEET. Now, let’s answer some of the questions of aspirants about studying NEET Chemistry.

How should I start studying for NEET Chemistry?

When you start studying for NEET Chemistry, first read the chapter from NCERT textbook and then refer to recommended books and study material, if required, for practicing MCQs.

How many hours should I study Chemistry for NEET?

If you are studying 8-10 hours daily for NEET, then you can devote 5-6 hours to NEET Chemistry + Physics and the remaining time to Biology. The exact number of study hours for NEET Chemistry differ for everyone, depending on how strong or weak in the subject they are.

Is NCERT Chemistry enough for NEET?

NCERT is priority for NEET Chemistry as 80% of the questions come from NCERT, however you should practice questions from NEET coaching modules to get comfortable with the type and level of questions asked in the NEET exam.

Is Chemistry easy or tough in NEET?

Chemistry is challenging but not difficult in NEET. It will be easy to score in NEET Chemistry if you read NCERT properly, understand concepts, solve questions regularly, make proper notes and revise daily.

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