How to Study for JEE/NEET Without Feeling Bored and Sleepy?

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Study for JEE/ NEET without feeling bored and sleepy.

Preparing for JEE/ NEET requires studying for a long time without losing focus and concentration. Do you feel bored and sleepy when studying? This is natural when you are taking long study sessions. If you are indulging yourself in any task for a long time at one point your brain saturates and you feel lethargic.

This might be okay for some students since you’ve gotten the best in the hours you were studying and now it’s just that your brain is indicating you to take a break. So, take a break.

This is a guest post from Gazala Hitawala (MBBS Student).

How to Study for JEE/ NEET Without Feeling Bored and Sleepy?

Follow these tips to study effectively for JEE/ NEET without feeling bored and sleepy.

1. Split your study sessions and take breaks.

Break down your study hours into 45 mins or 60 mins sessions (based on how long you can concentrate) and then take short breaks of 5-10 mins respectively. In your break time, do some stretching, get out of your study space, have some coffee, etc. But do not take up anything that would stop you from getting back to studying (it could be YouTube or Instagram or Netflix, etc.)

2. Build interest in the subject with new learning methods.

You can do this by active learning where you can question yourself, make flowcharts, spider diagrams, etc., which will keep you completely involved in studies. Just sitting and looking at the book is sometimes boring. So incorporate new methods of studying to make it more interesting and make sure these are effective.

If you are just putting in the time to note down everything from the book on the paper you’ll end up wasting your time with an illusion that you studied for more hours.

3. Freshen up if you are getting sleepy.

If you feel sleepy while studying, the best thing to do would be – get up from your study chair – wash your face/ take a shower – have some tea or coffee. It will help you refresh and restart again.

4. Reward yourself after completing small goals.

Decide to complete a JEE/ NEET topic in a set time and then reward yourself with either a candy or a yoga stretch. Basically, this is also in a way taking a break but only after the desired task is completed without any time restrictions.

5. Take proper sleep at night to avoid feeling sleepy during the day.

Most of the time we get so ambitious that we do not give proper rest to our body. If you are disturbing your sleep cycle then you’ll end up feeling sleepy throughout the day. So no matter what, you need 6–8 hours of sleep to get the best out of yourself.

Stay productive!

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