Best Books to Follow in Biology to Score 360 in the NEET

By | Last updated on September 13th, 2022

Books for Scoring 360 in NEET Biology

How can I get 360 in NEET Biology?

A perfect 360 in NEET Biology is something which you can only get if your concepts are clear, have good time management skills and if there are no ambiguous questions in the NEET paper.

Here, I am advising a list of books to improve your score and accuracy which can ease your path towards the 360 target in NEET Biology.

Best Books to Follow in Biology to Score 360 in the NEET


The backbone of biology is the NCERT textbook. Go through it thoroughly and make a habit to study this book everyday. Keep an eagle eye over diagrams, data, contribution of scientists along with the years mentioned, examples given in the book.

Is NCERT enough to score 360 in NEET Biology?

Learn everything in the NCERT book. Don’t ever think that let’s skip this one, it will never come in the exam. If one reads only NCERT properly, then scoring 300 can be a cheese walk in NEET Biology.

2. MCQ Books

Keep an MCQ book with you and solve minimum 70–80 questions everyday from the topic that you went through. Practice within a specified time preferably within 20 minutes. You can buy NCERT fingertips or MTG publication book or any NEET Biology reference book that contains quality questions. It will help you in managing time and is a bit close to the NEET MCQ pattern.

3. Mock Tests

Give NEET mock tests and analyse them. There will be 10-20 questions that are not given in NCERT or some high level logic will be needed to solve them. Go through such topics and make short notes in one copy. You will need them during your revision period.

I can assure if one follows the above things, you can score 340 in NEET Biology. Everyone reads NCERT but most people can’t score even 300. So be careful and till NEET exam, keep hustling.

Krishna Singh
MBBS Student

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