How to Score 300+ in NEET Biology? Is NCERT Enough?

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Tips to score 300 in NEET Biology.

The total marks of NEET Biology is 360 (out of 720). People who study NCERT thoroughly and solve all the previous year question papers can score 300+ in NEET Biology.

In this post, I will share the strategy to score 300+ marks in NEET Biology. I will also tell you if NCERT is enough to score 300+ in Biology or you need other resources like books and study material.

How to Score 300+ in NEET Biology?

Study tips to score 300+ marks in NEET Biology :

  1. Read the theory of the topic thoroughly.
  2. Highlight the important points or things which you didn’t understand or are hard to remember.
  3. Clear the doubts from the teacher.
  4. Understand the concept well to grasp the essential elements and how they relate and function together.
  5. Write the points which are required to be mugged up.
  6. Make short revision notes for NEET.
  7. Revise the NCERT and your notes by the interval of 10–15 days.
  8. Start practicing NEET previous year paper questions after completing all the chapters.
  9. Understand the pattern of questions in NEET.
  10. Keep in mind those questions which are out of NCERT.

This was my strategy, and in my opinion, make your own strategy to study any subject in NEET preparation. The strategy in which you are most comfortable.

NCERT Biology for 300+ in NEET.

Is NCERT enough to score 300 in NEET Biology?

NCERT is the main preparation book to score 300 in NEET Biology, but you also need to practice MCQs from coaching modules or NEET reference books. Solving NEET previous years papers is an absolute must to score 300+ in NEET Biology.

Other Resources to Score 300+ in NEET Biology

Here are some good resources for NEET Biology.

  • NCERT fingertips.
  • NEET Previous years papers (for sure).
  • Dinesh publications (only for previous year questions or old questions).
  • Stuff provided by your coaching institute.

Strategy to Score 300 in NEET Biology

  • Concentrate.
  • Revise.
  • Revise.
  • Revise.
  • Practice.
  • Practice.
  • Practice.

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