How to Practice NEET Mock Tests Online at Home?

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Practice NEET mock tests online.

Preparing for the NEET exam requires dedicated practice and strategic preparation. One effective way to enhance your readiness is by practicing NEET mock tests online at home. Mock tests help you familiarize with the exam format, manage time efficiently, and identify areas for improvement. The below ten points outline a comprehensive approach to optimizing your NEET mock test practice sessions from the comfort of your home.

How to Practice NEET Mock Tests Online at Home?

Tips to practice NEET mock tests at home online :

  1. Choose a NEET online coaching platform that offer NEET mock tests with a similar difficulty level to the actual exam.
  2. Find a quiet place at home, free from distractions, to simulate a real exam environment and enhance focus during the mock test.
  3. Make sure you complete the online mock tests in one go without taking a break.
  4. Set a timer to match the NEET exam duration for each mock test to practice time management and improve speed.
  5. Start with your preferred section – Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
  6. If you are not 100% sure of the correct answer, you can mark the question for review and come back to it after finishing the other questions.
  7. Give sufficient time to each section in the paper.
  8. Use proper rough sheets while solving mock tests online.
  9. After completing each mock test, thoroughly review incorrect answers and understand the underlying concepts. Analyze strengths and weaknesses to focus on improvement areas.
  10. Maintain a positive mindset, learn from mistakes, and stay consistent with mock test practice to boost confidence and readiness for the actual NEET exam.

NEET Mock Tests – FAQs

Where can I solve NEET mock test online?

NEET online mock tests are available on Mystudycart where it’s a part of NEET online test series. The mock tests are as per the new exam pattern of NEET. Students can practice chapter and subject-wise tests along with the full syllabus tests.

How many mock tests are enough for NEET?

Around 20-30 full syllabus mock tests are considered good for NEET. In the last 3-4 months before the exam, try to solve as many mock tests as possible, including previous year papers.

How can I improve my NEET mock test performance?

Self-analysis (finding the reason for scoring less, whether it’s time management, weak topics or silly mistakes) is the best way to improve your performance in NEET mock tests. Make a note of the mistakes and rectify them before attempting the next mock test.

Which is the best app or platform to solve NEET mock tests?

Although there are many apps and test platforms available for NEET, it’s recommended to solve NEET online mock tests provided by the NEET online coaching providers. They will give you the test analysis and reports which helps in improving your time management skills and performance.


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