NEET-UG Online Test Series (New Pattern Mock Tests NEET)

For NEET aspirants, it's recommended to join an online test series. The advantage of NEET online test series is that you can solve NEET online mock tests on a computer or laptop at your home. You can analyse your mistakes through auto-generated reports after finishing the test. This way you will improve with each test you practice in NEET online test series.

Note : Through Mystudycart NEET online test series, students can practice NEET new exam pattern mock tests at home.

Features and Benefits of Mystudycart NEET Online Test Series :

  • NEET new pattern mock tests: Solve NEET online mock tests as per the new exam pattern.
  • Test Analysis: The analysis report will be available after completing the test.
  • Weaker Areas Improvement: You will be able to see in which areas or topics you are making mistakes, so that it can be improved before the NEET exam date.
  • Time Management: Time taken per question and section will be available to students, for better time utilization during the exam.
  • Time Saving and Economical: No need to go to any NEET practice test centre. Online test series is a convenient and affordable option to solve online NEET tests at home only.

How to Practice NEET Online Mock Tests?

  • Login to the Mystudycart Online Test Series Portal with the Username and Password provided to you (After Registration).
  • After Login, you will get the list of tests assigned to you with a TAKE TEST option in front of each test.
  • Whenever you are ready to give an online test, Click on TAKE TEST. Read the instructions given on screen. After reading the instructions, you can Start the test.
  • When you finish the Test or when time is over, Rank and Analysis Report will be provided to you.

You can practice NEET online tests any day at any time. The online test series will be open till the last day before the NEET examination. Total Fee for online test series is INR 3,000 (three thousand) only, including taxes.

Registration Process for NEET Online Test Series

  • Apply for the Online Test Series by calling on +91-888-2124-333 (You can also leave a message via SMS or WhatsApp). Alternatively, you can use the form below to register or to send queries.
  • Pay the course fee online through Net Banking, NEFT, Bank Transfer, Credit/ Debit Card OR Cash/ Cheque deposit at bank.
    Bank Details to process the fee:
    Bank Name: HDFC Bank
    A/c Holder Name: Agaze Study Cart Services Pvt. Ltd.
    Account No: 50200009050800
    RTGS/NEFT IFSC Code: HDFC0001662
    Branch: Kalkaji, New Delhi

NEET Mock Tests FAQs

When should I start giving mock tests for NEET?

You can start giving chapter-wise mock tests for NEET in class 11 and class 12. After the NEET syllabus is over, you can practice section-wise and full syllabus mock tests.

How many mock tests to give before NEET?

There is no limit on the number of mock tests you should give before NEET. Start giving 2-3 mock tests every week when there are 3-4 months remaining for NEET. During the last month, try to increase the frequency to 1 mock test every day.

How do I analyze a NEET mock paper after attending it?

Manually analyzing a NEET mock paper is cumbersome and lengthy, so it's better to use the auto-analysis feature of NEET online mock test series where you will be able to see the exact time you spent on answering a question or section.

What is the best way to analyze mistakes after attempting a mock test for NEET?

The best way to analyze mistakes after attempting a mock test for NEET is to look for questions where you made silly mistakes (like calculation errors) and the ones for which you didn't know the concept. For the silly mistakes, find the pattern and work on your mistakes to not repeat them in the next test. (Analyzing mistakes after attempting a mock test for NEET)

How to increase marks in NEET mock test?

To increase marks in NEET mock tests, you need to have thorough knowledge of concepts and practicing questions. Avoid calculation mistakes and negative marking. [Tips to increase marks in NEET mock tests]

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