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NEET score booster.

Question asked by a medical aspirant – “How can I boost my score above 650 in the NEET if I am currently getting 500-520 in coaching and mock tests?”

The answer for this question lies on the fact of Self-Analysis (post-test) that ‘What is/ are the actual reason for this gap of nearly 100–150 marks which is stopping you from getting higher marks in NEET tests?’

  1. Are you unable to solve whole question paper because of scarcity of time?
  2. Are there some specific topics, the questions of which trouble you in the exam and eat up your time every time?
  3. Was your preparation good enough to get that high score?
  4. Is it the so called ‘Silly Mistakes’ thing?

These four major points are the ones which stops an aspirant, based on his/ her capabilities, from scoring a bit lower than expectations in NEET tests.

Tips to Improve NEET Score in Tests

The solutions for the respective points are majorly the two pre-requisite things i.e Thorough knowledge of concepts and practicing questions.

Improvising the way of learning (Mnemonics) can also aid in solving the questions quickly and precisely.

And if you look at these points again, don’t you think there are some interlinks in the same?

Follow the sequence 3 →2 →1 →4

If there are some chapters which you didn’t prepare sufficiently or just left them as they were difficult or some other reason (Point 3), the questions based on them will definitely trouble you in the exam (Point 2) and consume your time if you decide to solve them.

This in turn would result in relatively less time available for the other questions which may lead to a situation in which the candidate doesn’t even get time to attempt (or in some case even ‘See’ ) the questions (Point 1), definitely contributing to that huge gap of marks as mentioned earlier.

Among all these things/ difficulties, most candidates, being the usual Homo sapiens, develop a fear of not being able to attempt all the questions, because of which they just rush during the exam in order to attempt and solve the maximum number of questions they can. But in this phase, they just forget to focus on the details of the questions like –

  • – are all, EXCEPT
  • – is incorrect –
  • – is not incorrect –

and interpret them wrongly.

They also do some calculations wrong because of their extreme pace, in total, resulting in a good amount of negatives, bringing down their NEET scores. This realization comes when they check the actual answers and tag them with, the most popular, ‘Silly Mistakes’ (Point 4).

These are some mistakes which a normal candidate is used to make and deplete their scores in tests. So you should keep these things in mind in order to achieve the purpose of scoring higher in NEET.

And yes, Self analysis, after the tests, is a very important part of your journey. It lets you think about the concepts that you applied at the time of the exam and also add-ons to your memory, the answers that you got wrong (especially in Biology) and there are least chances of getting a similar question wrong again in the future.

Improve your NEET score by solving online mock tests with Auto-Analysis feature in NEET online courses.

Abhishek Garg
(AIR 8 in JIPMER, AIR 760 in NEET, AIR 212 in AIIMS 2018)


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