How to Start NEET Preparation from Zero Level?

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NEET preparation from zero level

Every expert was once a beginner. It is possible to crack NEET if you are starting NEET preparation from zero level. You just need to study consistently with a smart strategy and plan. In this post, we will see how to start NEET preparation from zero level, right from your home.

How to Start NEET Preparation from Zero Level?

Tips to start NEET preparation from zero level :

  1. Start your NEET preparation as soon as possible.
  2. Know the NEET syllabus and topics you have to study.
  3. Create and follow a schedule that includes time for studying theory, practicing problems and revision. Include breaks and time for rest and relaxation.
  4. NCERT is a must for NEET preparation. Learn NCERT by heart.
  5. Go to another reference book only when you are done with NCERT.
  6. Make notes from the start of your NEET preparation so that you can quickly revise any topic, any time.
  7. Understand concepts properly to solve problems efficiently.
  8. Practice MCQs from NEET coaching modules to become proficient in each chapter.
  9. Start with easy to moderate questions of each topic to get the rhythm, and then practice tougher questions.
  10. Solve NEET PYQs to know the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  11. Give mock tests to improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills.
  12. Analyze your mistakes in tests. Make your weak point strong and strong point stronger.
  13. Join NEET online coaching to start preparing for NEET at home under the guidance of teachers and experts.

These are the general tips for starting NEET preparation, now let’s see the subject-wise tips for NEET beginners.

NEET Chemistry Preparation for Beginners

Tips to study Chemistry for NEET from zero level :

  • Read NCERT line by line, sometimes questions are directly asked from the lines of NCERT.
  • Do NCERT examples and back exercise.
  • Give sufficient time to each portion (Organic, Inorganic, Physical).
  • Make short notes of all named reactions, compounds, functional groups.
  • The periodic table should be at your fingertips.
  • Create mnemonics for NEET Chemistry to remember all the important stuff.
  • Keep revising your weak areas and concepts.
  • Solve NEET Chemistry chapter-wise MCQs and PYQs.

NEET Physics Preparation for Beginners

Tips to study Physics for NEET from zero level :

  • Start by building a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of physics.
  • Don’t try to mug up things in Physics. Understand them clearly so that you can apply the concepts in solving problems.
  • Like Biology and Chemistry, NCERT is also important for Physics. Read theory properly, solve questions from examples and exercises.
  • Practice MCQs from coaching modules.
  • Follow the right strategy of solving NEET Physics problems and numericals.
  • Visualize the questions in Physics. Draw a rough diagram to understand the problem better.
  • Avoid silly calculation mistakes. Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) while solving problems.
  • Revise formulas regularly. Make a formula copy for NEET Physics.

NEET Biology Preparation for Beginners

Tips to study Biology for NEET from zero level :

  • Read class 11,12 biology chapters from NCERT carefully.
  • Do not leave any topic, any line, any word of NCERT.
  • Learn all the diagrams, tables, graphs, flow charts in NCERT.
  • Make your own handwritten notes, including shortcuts.
  • Keep revising Biology from time to time.
  • Practice MCQs of all the chapters. Biology is not just about memorization.
  • Solve NEET Biology questions from previous year papers. They often repeat.

NEET Preparation in Class 12 From Zero Level

If you are a class 12 science student, you are not at zero level for NEET preparation! Yes, that’s right. You already know the basics from your Physics, Chemistry and Biology textbooks. You just need the right approach to prepare for NEET in class 12.

How many months are enough for NEET preparation from zero level?

Ideally, minimum 6 months is required to prepare for NEET from zero level. If you have studied from NCERT textbooks and your basics are good, you can crack NEET in less time also. A short online course for NEET will be helpful to crack NEET in the remaining months.

How to start NEET preparation from zero level without coaching?

Starting NEET preparation from zero level without coaching requires collecting NEET study material books and following a self study timetable to complete the NEET syllabus in time. It’s difficult to clear all the NEET doubts without coaching.

NEET Preparation at Home From Zero Level

With NEET online coaching platforms, students can start preparing for NEET at home from zero level at any point of time, whether it’s 1 year or 6 months remaining for the exam. You will get access to the renowned NEET faculty at your doorstep who are just a click away from you.

Start preparing for NEET from the best teachers and experts at your home in Mystudycart NEET Online Courses.

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