How to Crack NEET 2020 in One Year?

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If you are targeting NEET 2020 and still confused about how to start your preparation and whether to join coaching or not, then hurry up. Start your preparation as soon as possible. Here we look at some important points to crack  NEET 2020 in one year.

Tips to Crack NEET 2020 with Only 1 Year Preparation

You will have to pay attention upon following points to crack NEET and AIIMS exams in one year.

  • Work hard with consistency : You need to study 2 year syllabus in one year. If your basic concepts of class 11 are clear, studied from NCERT, then you have advantage. Otherwise be prepared for some intense study hours. Not easy, but very much possible.
  • Be focused and Disciplined : You need to manage your time between studies and other tasks. Don’t follow the schedule/time-table of others. You should know when to study i.e. your productive hours. Avoid procrastination, excessive TV/Social Media and all unnecessary distractions. Never give up. Give your best effort till the final day of the exam.
  • Follow subject tricks : See the trend of NEET past years papers. While solving questions, apply the tricks (mostly taught by your coaching teachers). Practice a lot and learn from your mistakes.
  • Make your notes : Making notes is very beneficial in your preparation. Make your own notes, don’t buy or use someone else’s work. The notes will be handy during revision. Include your own shortcuts and tricks.
  • Revision : Revision not in last few months, but every day. E.g. half an hour before sleep, go through all the things you learned during the day.
  • Maintain composure throughout the year : To get good result in NEET examination, one of the major factor is not to panic during the preparation and on the exam day.
  • Don’t neglect any topic because you find it hard to understand. Get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up.
  • Remember the advice from Abhishek Garg (who got AIR 760 in NEET and AIR 212 in AIIMS 2018) :

    “You have to study EACH AND EVERY TOPIC of every subject, as questions can be asked from anything that is in the NEET syllabus (Most important-NCERT especially for Biology and Chemistry) (sometimes from outside as well). Don’t neglect any chapter for the sake that you HATE IT and not able to do its questions or you have difficulty in learning that. That is the area which will create problem in final exams as it will remain your weakness till the D-Day if you will keep on neglecting it. So try to make a grip over those topics by practicing more questions from it.”

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For Physics, be perfect with the concepts. It’s a blunder to solve problems without being clear about concepts. Best way to master physics is by solving your institutes material because they provide you with compact package of high quality questions. For Chemistry and Biology, Study from NCERT and your coaching material.

You should join a good Course for NEET 2020 if you haven’t which can provide you with experienced faculty, precise material and guidance for NEET/AIIMS entrance exams.

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