How to Improve Speed and Accuracy for NEET?

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Improve speed accuracy for NEET

In the NEET exam, you have to answer 180 questions (out of 200) in 3 hours and 20 minutes, keeping in mind that 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. So along with a good speed to solve questions, it’s important that you maintain accuracy in the paper. Improving speed and accuracy is the key objective in order to crack the NEET exam.

How To Improve Speed and Accuracy for NEET?

Follow the below tips to increase your speed and accuracy for NEET :

1. Stick to your exam strategy

Prepare an exam strategy and stick to it during the mock tests and NEET exam. Don’t waste time by reading the full question paper in detail. Only a quick glance is fine. Go to the section you have decided to attempt first and start solving questions.

2. Read the question carefully

Read the question carefully to understand what is being asked and what is given to you. See the options clearly and then only start solving the question. Pay special attention to questions with more than 1 correct answer.

3. Attempt easier questions first

NEET question paper has a mix of easy, average and difficult questions. Doing hard questions first will waste your time and make you lose confidence. Remember both hard and easy questions carry the same marks. So it’s better to attempt all the easy questions first. You may come back after finishing the paper once and then solve the difficult questions.

4. Decide quickly whether you can answer the question or not

While solving the NEET paper, presence of mind is required. Virtually figure how you will be solving the question. If you are sure that you can answer it, move ahead and solve it. Skip the question fast if you have no clue about how to solve it. Do not let that question eat up your time. This comes with practice. Keep on giving tests.

5. Find an answer by eliminating the options

This method is to be used when you are not sure about the answer. Reduce the number of options by eliminating the ones which seem to be entirely or logically wrong. Among the remaining options, the one with maximum probability of getting true may be chosen.

6. Use intelligent guessing, if required

If you feel that you have answered very few questions and stand no chance to clear the exam, then you may try this method. Keep in mind that it should not be just random guesses, you must have some idea about why you are selecting the answer like you have doubts in only two options.

7. Try to avoid answering questions at the last minute

Last minute hustle may increase the chances of mistakes, so keep the last few minutes to check whether you correctly marked the answers (fill the OMR sheet carefully in NEET).

8. Learn shortcuts by solving MCQs and mock tests

Learn shortcuts and tricks by solving regular MCQ tests. If you are getting negative marks, then you need to analyse your tests and find out the silly mistakes you are making. Improve your weak concepts/topics and clear doubts from the teachers. Don’t repeat the same mistakes in the next test.

9. Make a notebook containing your mistakes

Make a notebook containing your silly mistakes, what went wrong, unnecessary calculations, time spent on solving the question, etc. Revise this notebook every time before a problem solving session or next mock test.

10. Understand concepts and consistently practice problems

While studying, try to grasp the main concept very clearly. Objective questions (MCQs) test your concept thoroughly. You need consistent practice to improve speed and accuracy.

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