4 Ways to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET Physics, Biology, Chemistry

By | Last updated on December 24th, 2020

Reduce negative marking in NEET.

First of all, ask yourself, why do you end up getting so many negative marks in NEET tests? Let’s look at some of the possibilities and solutions to them.

4 Ways to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET Physics, Biology, Chemistry

Here are some of the best ways to reduce negative marking in NEET.

1. You might be doing a lot of silly mistakes like misreading the question, darkening the wrong bubble, ticking an answer different from what you got, wrong calculations etc.

Solution: Getting slower. Yes, getting faster is not always the key to success. We try not to think about the question and just jump on to getting the answer. This is wrong. You should think before solving and eventually your speed will increase. You need to pet the question, not kill it. Also, while marking answers in NEET OMR sheet, try marking one section at a time instead of the whole paper at once, marking one question at a time also can lead to silly mistakes, so section-wise is, according to me, the best approach.

2. You get stressed if you have attempted less and end up doing even those questions that you are not sure about.

Solution: You will realise that NEET exam is quite different from the paper given by coaching institutes, because mostly you face part tests and not whole NEET syllabus. So, you end up seeing even the unimportant topics in the paper. Work on efficiency, overall attempt will increase in the exam, because most of it would be something that you have seen already. Remember, attempting more doesn’t make you a succeed in the initial levels, but your attempts will increase on its own with time.

3. You get the answers using the correct method but the wrong concept. So, sometimes you end up using the wrong concept for answering the questions.

Solution: This is the most serious problem. We try to make our own ways to solve questions, which is a good thing but not if the your way is wrong. Your aim should not be learning all the questions (especially in Physics) but to understand it. Coaching classes are quite helpful in this field. Self study can be helpful only if you are comfortable with huge theory books. I preferred to brainstorm and confirm my understanding of the concept from my teacher instead of assuming it or asking it without thinking about it.

4. Exam Stress. This can actually destroy ones paper.

Solution: Being the most common problem makes it weirdly comforting as you are not alone in this. Over 10 lakh candidates are also having the same problem during the same preparation period. The things that help with it are meditation (I did it for 10 minutes a day), energy food (eating nuts, dark chocolate and I know many don’t recommend it but coffee too was very comforting) and a good sleep. Also taking half a day’s rest, once a week, watch a movie, not a series as it would be addictive. Stress is common but remember, beating the syllabus is not enough, you need to get over your weaknesses to become a better person and hence an amazing doctor.

I hope this is helpful. All the best.

Shikhar Dabas
NEET Score – 624

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