How to Solve the Numerical Value (Integer) Type Questions in JEE Main?

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Tips to solve numerical value type questions in JEE Main.

Numerical Value (Integer) type questions are the new addition to JEE Main paper pattern. There will be a total of 30 numerical value type questions in JEE Main. You have to attempt only 15 questions out of 30 (5 each in Physics, Chemistry and Math). In numerical value type questions, you have to enter the correct Numerical/ Decimal value as an answer.

How to Solve the New Numerical Value (Integer) Type Questions in JEE Main?

Tips to solve the numerical value (integer) type questions in the JEE Main.

  1. First make sure that your concepts and logic are clear of each topic.
  2. Read the question carefully and understand it properly. Identify what information is given and what is required to find.
  3. Decide quickly whether you can answer the question or not. Skip the question fast if you have no clue about how to solve it.
  4. Have a habit of focusing on the Units in which the value of a given physical quantity is provided.
  5. Don’t be in too much hurry while solving questions as it can lead to silly mistakes in JEE Main exam. Verify if your steps are correct leading to the solution.
  6. Solve numerical value type questions from JEE Advanced previous years papers and coaching modules.
  7. Practice integer type questions every day. Have a reliable goal, like solving 20 questions a day, and increase your difficulty at regular intervals.
  8. Give a lot of new pattern JEE Main mock tests and analyse on the same day you get results.
  9. Numerical value type questions also have negative marking (from 2022) so you should attempt the question only if you are sure of the answer.
  10. Don’t panic and stay calm while solving the questions.

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