How was JEE Advanced 2019 Paper in Terms of Difficulty Level?

By | Posted on September 23rd, 2019

JEE Advanced Difficulty Level

I am not an expert or teacher but an aspirant who gave JEE Advanced 2019. This is my analysis of JEE Advanced 2019 in terms of difficulty level :

  1. Chemistry JEE Advanced 2019 Difficulty Level : Moderate
  2. Physics JEE Advanced 2019 Difficulty Level : Moderate to Tough
  3. Maths JEE Advanced 2019 Difficulty Level : Tough

JEE Advanced 2019 Paper Analysis in Terms of Difficulty Level

Chemistry : Moderate

Almost everyone was saying that this year’s chemistry was pretty easy but the main thing to note is that it was easy for only who had prepared well for it. I mean to say that if you are not clear with the basic concepts and not prepared with the standard questions and sufficient practice then I would rate this as a tough one for you.

For those who have put considerable efforts in chemistry for them I would say that it was mostly application based for them. Hence on an average we could rate it as a moderate one.

Physics : Moderate to Tough

This year Physics paper was based on the student’s ability to select the right questions for him/her. Because in this year’s Physics section, selection and rejection were equally important. Due to this, those who didn’t stuck in difficult questions and attempted those in which they were comfortable got a major benefit.

This is the beauty of JEE Advanced that it not only tests your knowledge but also on your decision making ability. Also the Physics section was a quite lengthy one and involved many calculations. So I would be rating it as moderate to tough.

Mathematics : Tough

This year’s Math paper was astonishingly surprising . The questions in the section were such that while doing each question you must be thinking that should I leave this in between because a majority of them very extremely lengthy.

A very considerable and heavy weightage was given to determinants and matrices. IIT Roorkee has shown its attachment with matrices and determinants. So I would rate this years math’s section in the tough category.

Conclusion :

To conclude, JEE Advanced 2019 was full of surprises and it checked the student’s knowledge, calmness, decision making ability and the ability of answering questions by rejection of options.

I would rate JEE Advanced 2019 above year 2018 and slightly below year 2016 in terms of difficulty level.

Best wishes for the exam.

Sparsh Agrawal

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