Is JEE Advanced (IIT JEE) Exam Really Difficult?

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jee advanced difficulty level

Anything is difficult if you have not correctly prepared for it.

Students have a habit of mugging up things from childhood. If they continue this, they cannot solve real world problems which require conceptual thinking.

Do you want such a person to design a house for you? Would it be safe?

Is JEE Advanced (IIT JEE) Exam Really Difficult?

JEE Advanced is an exam which doesn’t only check concepts of a student, but also accuracy and speed as well as handling pressure. It’s an exam different of its kind. If you have mastered the concepts within the syllabus, JEE Advanced exam is not a tough exam at all.

This is true for top students, they can solve almost all the questions but scoring depends on their speed and accuracy. They need to solve more number of questions in less time, which is done by identifying easy ones and solving them instead of going through serials.

Every student, in his JEE journey encounters problems, gets demotivated and falls. Many give up. But the one who stands up and tries again, works hard to clear problems, is the one who people call “topper”.

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Soham Zemse
IIEST Shibpur

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