JEE Main Vs Advanced – Difference in Syllabus, Difficulty, Preparation

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JEE Main Vs Advanced Difference.

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) for undergraduate engineering programs like B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch, B.Plan in IITs, NITs, IIITs, other government institutes, has been conducted in the form of JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

What’s the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced?

JEE Main is for admission in NITs, IIITs and other State/ Central funded engineering colleges. JEE Advanced is for admission in IITs (premier engineering institutes in India). In order to be eligible for JEE Advanced, candidates need to clear JEE Main.

In this post, we will see the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced in terms of exam pattern, syllabus, difficulty and preparation.

JEE Main and JEE Advanced Difference

Key differences between JEE Main and Advanced :

JEE Main JEE Advanced
JEE Main exam is for admission in NITs, IIITs and other central/ stage government institutes. JEE Advanced is for admission in IITs, IIST, RGIPT.
JEE Main exam is held 2 times in a year. JEE Advanced is held only once a year.
JEE Main is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). JEE Advanced is conducted by the IIT JAB examination body.
A candidate can appear for JEE Main for maximum 3 years. A candidate can appear for JEE Advanced for a maximum of 2 years.
The JEE Main paper is of 3 hours. JEE Advanced Paper is of 6 hours (Paper 1 – 3 hours, Paper 2 – 3 hours).
JEE Main consists of 90 questions (only 75 need to be answered) of 4 marks each. The number of questions and marks distribution is not fixed in the JEE Advanced exam.
The JEE Main question paper is in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The JEE Advanced question paper is in English and Hindi only.

Is the JEE Main and Advanced syllabus the same?

The syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced is nearly 99% similar, there are a few topics that are asked in JEE Main which are not part of the JEE Advanced syllabus and vice versa.

Note : From 2023, some topics which were part of the JEE Main syllabus but not JEE Advanced will be included in the JEE Advanced revised syllabus.

JEE Main Vs Advanced Syllabus Difference


Topics included in JEE Advanced but not in JEE Main Physics :

  • Thermal Physics: Newton’s law of cooling; Blackbody radiation; Absorptive and Emissive powers; Kirchoff’s law; Wien’s Displacement Law; Stefan’s Law.

Topics included in JEE Main but not in JEE Advanced Physics :

  • Electronic Devices: Semiconductors; semiconductor diode: I-V characteristics in forward and reverse bias; diodes as a rectifier; I-V characteristics of LED, photodiode, solar cell and diode; Zener diode as a voltage regulator. Junction transistor, transistor action, characteristics of a transistor; transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) and Oscillator. Logic gates (OR, AND, NOT, NAND and NOR). Transistor as a switch.
  • Electromagnetic Waves: Electromagnetic waves; Characteristics of Electromagnetic Waves; Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves; Electromagnetic spectrum; Applications of Electromagnetic waves. [Will be included from JEE Advanced 2023]
  • Communication Systems: Electromagnetic waves’ propagation; Amplitude and Frequency Modulation; Bandwidth of signals & transmission medium; Basic elements of a Communication System (Block Diagram only).


Topics included in JEE Advanced but not in JEE Main Chemistry :

  • Electrochemistry: Equivalent Conductivity.
  • Nuclear Chemistry: Radioactivity; Properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays; Kinetics of radioactive decay (decay series excluded), carbon dating; Stability of nuclei with respect to proton-neutron ratio; Brief discussion on fission and fusion reactions. [Not included from JEE Advanced 2023]

Topics included in JEE Main but not in JEE Advanced Chemistry :

  • Biomolecules: Vitamins – Classification and functions; Proteins, Nucleic acids – Chemical constitution of DNA and RNA. [Will be included from JEE Advanced 2023]
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life: Chemicals in medicines – Analgesics, tranquilizers, antiseptics, disinfectants, antimicrobials, antifertility drugs, antibiotics, antacids, antihistamine – their meaning and common examples.
    Chemicals in food – Preservatives, artificial sweetening agents – common examples. Cleansing agents – Soaps and detergents, cleansing action. [Will be included from JEE Advanced 2023]


Topics included in JEE Main but not in JEE Advanced Math :

  • Sets, Relations and Functions: Sets and their representation; Union, intersection and complement of sets and their algebraic properties; power set; relation, Types of relations, equivalence relations. [Will be included from JEE Advanced 2023]
  • Statistics and Probability: Measures of Dispersion; calculation of mean, median. Mode of grouped and ungrouped data calculation of standard deviation, variance and mean deviation for grouped and ungrouped data. [Will be included from JEE Advanced 2023]
  • Trigonometry: Heights and Distances.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Statements, logical operations and, or, implies, implied by, if and only if. Understanding of tautology, contradiction, converse and contra positive.

JEE Main Complete Syllabus

JEE Advanced Complete Syllabus

JEE Main vs Advanced Difficulty

The difficulty level of questions in JEE Advanced is higher than JEE Main. JEE Advanced tests all important skills like conceptual thinking, memory, understanding, knowledge and application. JEE Advanced doesn’t only check concepts of a student, but also accuracy, speed, handling pressure and decision making ability.

Conceptual Difference Between JEE Main and Advanced

FAQs About JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Preparation

Is JEE Advanced preparation different from JEE Main?

No, JEE Advanced preparation is not much different from JEE Main. You have to study the same concepts and topics. The difference only comes when you solve mock tests and previous years papers of JEE Main and JEE Advanced as both the exams have slightly different exam patterns.

Is JEE Advanced preparation enough for JEE Mains?

Yes, JEE Advanced preparation also covers JEE Main. JEE Main is more memory based and tests your understanding, speed and accuracy, whereas JEE Advanced requires in-depth understanding of concepts. The ideal way of preparing for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is to just focus on working well with the concepts and the art of applying them wherever required.

Is JEE Mains and Advanced theory the same?

Yes, the theory of JEE Main and Advanced is very similar. The questions and problems in JEE Advanced are of a higher level than JEE Main.

Is JEE Advanced harder than JEE mains?

Yes, JEE Advanced is tougher than JEE Mains. The questions in JEE Advanced are of a higher level and involve a deeper knowledge of concepts and concentration. JEE Advanced paper will test each and every concept which you learn in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

What extra is needed for the JEE Advanced than JEE Mains?

JEE Advanced needs in-depth understanding of concepts and use of applications in solving problems. Practice of JEE Advanced mock tests and previous years questions is a must. JEE Advanced will test your exam temperament (6 hours paper, with 2 hour break between paper-1 and paper-2).

What is the time gap between JEE Mains and Advanced?

Usually, there is a time gap of 40-50 days between JEE Main 2nd session and JEE Advanced. During this period, candidates can improve their weak areas of JEE Main, revise all the topics and practice JEE Advanced mock tests. Strategy to Crack JEE Advanced After JEE Main

Is it compulsory to give both JEE Mains and Advance?

No, it’s not compulsory to give both JEE Main and Advanced. If you are happy with an NIT or IIIT, JEE Main is sufficient. If you want to get admission in an IIT, you need to give JEE Advanced and to attempt JEE Advanced you need to secure a top rank (within specified range) in JEE Main.

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