Effective Strategy to Crack JEE Advanced After JEE Main Exam

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jee advanced preparation after jee main

As you know, from 2019, NTA is conducting JEE Main twice in a year – January and April. It means you have almost 4 months after JEE Main (January) to prepare well for JEE Advanced. This will allow you to stay calm and make an effective strategy to crack JEE Advanced in remaining months.

Effective Strategy to Crack JEE Advanced after JEE Main Exam

  1. Identify your weak topics in JEE Main exam. Read them again and work on things which gave your trouble in the exam whether it’s speed or time management. Cracking JEE Advanced requires in-depth knowledge of subjects. Just remembering the formulas won’t help. The basic requirement is that you should know, understand and feel what’s going on in the topic.
  2. Revise all your learned topics and problems. It is important that your basics of almost all the topics are clear and that you can tackle easy or moderate level problems in those topics, because sometimes easier questions may come from the topics which you didn’t prepare that well.
  3. In last 3–4 months before JEE Advanced, the two key areas to focus on are revision and mock tests. You can prepare a revision time table and do revision in short intervals.
  4. Solve JEE advanced previous years papers – chapter-wise tests and full test paper. Solving chapter wise will help you judge your weak points in each topic and will help you fix them faster. Solve some papers in the same exam like pattern. This will make you confident about your time management skills.
  5. Make a list of common mistakes you are doing while solving previous year questions. Just go through your mistakes again and again until you are sure you have fixed it and won’t repeat it on the exam day.
  6. Observing the recent pattern of JEE Advanced, the thing that should must be taken care of is Accuracy. In JEE Advanced, accuracy matters much more than your speed. Since even a slight mistake can ruin other question’s marks.
  7. On the exam day, pick up the questions based on your strengths. Since you have some time left, you have time to look into your weak spots too, but don’t neglect your strengths as these will be crucial in fetching a good rank.
  8. JEE Advanced will test your exam temperament (6 hours, with 2 hour break between paper-1 and paper-2). Keep solving JEE Advanced online mock tests, as many as possible.

Hope you do well and crack JEE Advanced with good rank.

All the best for JEE Advanced 🙂


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