Study Tips for NEET 2020 Droppers – Advice from MBBS Student

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Question asked by a NEET 2020 dropper – “What advice will you give to a person who has already wasted an year during pre-medical entrance preparation?”

First of all, don’t think a NEET drop year to be a waste. Instead try to give your best in that year, so that you never regret for it later. These are certain general points that needs to be followed in order to achieve the feat :

Study Tips for NEET 2020 Droppers

  • Go for smart study; it pays a lot. Get yourself well versed with the NEET previous years papers to know which topics are to be stressed more.
  • Stay focused everyday. You must realize your dream and the reason for why you want it so much. Believe me, this will insist you to come out of your comfort zone and work more harder to achieve the long cherished dream.
  • Always surround yourself with positivity. Never let negative vibes distract and demotivate you.
  • Whenever you feel demotivated, watch success stories of the toppers and try to know their strategy of studying, and certain essential tactics required to crack NEET.
  • Devote equal time to all 3 subjects.
  • Get your doubts clarified beforehand. During the last few months before NEET, don’t go for studying new topics. Rather start your revisions.
  • Practice MCQs daily so you don’t run out of time in exam. Practice makes a man perfect!
  • Don’t commit your previous mistakes, instead learn from it. Don’t make wild guess in actual exam; beware of negative marking.
  • Maintain a regular schedule of study. You need to follow the rigorous cycle of studying, almost 7–8 hrs daily.
  • Remember luck always favours the brave. So luck has to come to you if you are working hard.
  • And last, but not the least, always stay motivated for NEET.

Your desire and passion towards your goal is the biggest inspiration to study more and more.

I hope this helps you. Good luck for NEET 2020! Prove your mettle this year.

Debapriya Dhar
MBBS Student


Additional tip for NEET Droppers : If you have taken coaching during NEET preparation then avoid joining a regular coaching institute in drop year, instead study at home and clear your doubts via NEET online coaching


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