Lost Your Grip in NEET Preparation? Tips on How to Stay Persistent till the End

By | Last updated on December 14th, 2020

Stay persistent for NEET.

Question asked by a NEET aspirant – “How can I make my self-continuous and persistent on my NEET preparation? When I had started preparing, I was too energetic, but now I feel that somewhere, I lost my grip on my preparation.”

How to Stay Persistent till the End for NEET?

Lost your grip in NEET preparation? First of all, be calm and think on your own. What are the reasons behind it? According to me, you may be facing one or more than one of these problems.

  • Missed some topics, then it became a chain of topics you went on missing and you lost your grip. What to do? Look! Consider two things here, one being what syllabus you have to cover? Another being, how much time do you have? Plan your daily schedule having your missed topics plus what is being taught to you at present. Of-course, you will have some sort of extra burden but you will have to do it after all it is your dream not of others. Remember, YOURS!
  • Over Enthusiastic. Don’t be that way until you know the kind of journey you are going to travel and it’s consequences. NEET preparation is not a 100m sprint, it is a sort of marathon. So, take a light start with confidence and consistency. Even if you have broken your consistency and if there is a lack of time, turn yourself into such a sprinter who is lagging behind somewhere in race and compensate that much in those last meters.
  • Involved in some other activities i.e. Distractions. Remember, as you have come to know about your lost grip then be prepared for sacrifices also. You can’t ignore the sacrifices you will have to make for your goal. So, try to fully ignore the words people say about you today because they don’t know your future. Lessen your leisure hours but that should be done with happiness as you are going to enjoy those hours in achieving your goal.
    If you have another problem, share it with your well wishers or try to solve it at your level. Solve the problem first, only then you can move ahead. No problem is so huge that it can prevent you permanently on your way to success until or unless you are sincere in your efforts. I hope study is your primary need now and must be first priority for the present time.

One more important thing, infact much important than the above stuff is,

Don’t spend your precious time listening or watching motivational videos of blah blah. Until you don’t do your work, they will be of no use. Set your schedule and jump into an intense preparation phase.

Good things will come in favour of good efforts!

All the best!

Jyoti Choudhary
(631/720 in NEET 2017)

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