How to Solve Difficult Questions in IIT JEE (Main and Advanced)?

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Solving difficult questions in JEE.

In JEE paper, there are questions of all types – easy, medium and difficult. Students are advised to solve easier questions first, then medium level, and difficult ones at the end. The strategy is clear that all questions carry the same marks so it’s good to solve easier questions first. But it’s the difficult questions that separates the top rankers and mid rankers.

How to Solve Difficult Questions in IIT JEE (Main and Advanced)?

Given below are some tips to solve difficult questions in JEE.

  • If you know that you are not very familiar with the concepts involved in the question, don’t attempt it, rather study the concept first and then solve the question.
  • If you are struggling to solve difficult questions, like taking too much time to solve a question, then you need to solve less difficult questions first. Start with easier questions and then gradually increase the level.
  • Practice, practice and practice. It will help you improve your concept application power and will also develop confidence in you that, “Yes! I can answer any question from this topic now, whether it is easy or difficult.”
  • “Analyse the questions you are not able to solve and pay special attention to them when you revise. Try to think why you could not solve it? Is it because you did not have proper understanding of a concept? Reread it. Did you apply the wrong concept? (For example using the equation of motion when acceleration is not constant) then read about both concepts again and understand why that concept cannot be applied in this question.” – Mahendra Choudhary (Air 2890 in JEE Advanced and AIR 3744 in JEE Main).
  • Don’t get frightened on seeing the long questions. They might seem difficult but may take only a few seconds to tackle. That’s where practicing questions regularly helps.
  • Don’t neglect any chapter for the sake that you hate it and not able to do its questions or you have difficulty in learning that. Try to make a grip over those topics by practicing more questions from it.
  • Discuss with your teachers on how you can improve the level of questions solving. Ask all your doubts related to questions and the concepts involved.
  • Don’t spend more time on easier topics. Balance the amount of time you invest on each topic. Study all the topics. Tough topics require more time and practice. After doing some basic questions, go for the tougher ones. Do JEE level questions from a coaching module or reference books.

Difficult is a very relative term. A student who understands concepts well can find difficult questions easier than the one who doesn’t understand the concepts. Similarly someone who practiced a lot of good quality JEE questions may not find questions difficult in the exam.

So focus on improving your concepts and practice problems consistently to handle difficult questions and topics in JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

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