What to Do if You are Taking Too Much Time in Solving Questions for JEE?

By | Last updated on November 17th, 2020

Taking a lot of time in Solving JEE questions.

Question asked by a JEE aspirant – “What should I do if solving questions for the IIT JEE is literally taking half an hour of time?”

It’s a genuine problem for many aspirants who start JEE preparation. The questions take a lot of time to solve as students are not aware of the concepts, tricks and right methods to solve JEE problems. Improving speed of solving questions is one of the key goals to perform well in JEE.

Things to consider if you are taking too much time in solving JEE problems :

  • Solve less difficult questions first. If you are unable at solving the JEE problems, it’s okay. Solve easier problems from the JEE Main and Advanced exam.
  • Try solving the illustrations from the JEE material you are using to study.
  • Understand the concepts well. If you know that you are not very familiar with the concepts involved in the problem, don’t attempt it, rather study the concept first and then attempt the problem. It will help you know where exactly the issue is, basically it will answer – Are you able to apply the concept or not?
  • Consult your mates, seniors or teachers for assistance and doubt clearing. Don’t just ask them the solutions, rather tell them the way you thought about the problem and ask them how can you improve your intuitions?
  • Basically ask them the idea behind their solution. How it clicked to them? What did they understand from which part of the question? Are there other ways too? etc.
  • Analyzing the question is a very important thing in JEE.

Key Points :

  1. Learn concepts well.
  2. Discuss your doubts.
  3. Try to think intuitively.
  4. Step up gradually, starting with easier problems.

These are my personal views, which I think, helped me get a good rank in JEE Advanced.

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Mahendra Choudhary
Air 2890 in JEE Advanced and AIR 3744 in JEE Main 2018

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