Top 8 Test Taking Strategies and Tips for IIT-JEE/ NEET

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Test taking strategies for jee neet.

Solving practice tests is one of the essential requirement to clear exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. When you take a test in JEE/NEET preparation, you are demonstrating your ability to understand concepts, topics and to solve problems. Let’s see some of the best test taking strategies for JEE/NEET.

Top 8 Test Taking Strategies and Tips for IIT-JEE/NEET

1. Be prepared for the test

Successful test taking avoids carelessness. Learn your study material thoroughly. Summarize which chapters, topics, formulas etc. you expect will be on the test. Use a checklist. Choose a comfortable location for taking the test with good lighting and minimal distractions.

2. Analyse how you did on a previous test

Review your previous tests or sample practice tests provided by your teacher. Each test you take prepares you for the next one!

3. Avoid thinking you need to cram just before the test

You’ve prepared well enough! Avoid speaking with any fellow students who have not prepared, who express negativity and distract your preparation.

4. Relax during the test

Expect some test anxiety. It’s normal. Use relaxation techniques if you find yourself tensing and getting anxious during the test. Take slow, deep breaths. Don’t think about the fear. Acknowledge that you have done, and are doing, your best. Read the instructions carefully.

5. Approach the exam with confidence

Use whatever strategies you can to perform well – visualization, logic, talking to your self, practice, etc. View the exam as an opportunity to show how much you’ve studied and to receive a reward for the studying you’ve done.

6. Answer questions in a strategic order

Solve easy questions first to build confidence. In objective tests, it’s good to eliminate obvious incorrect answers.

7. Review the answers if you have time

Check if you have answered all the questions and not made any errors or mis-marked any answers. Change answers to questions if you erred or misread the question (this advantage is available in JEE Main and JEE Advanced).

8. After the test, analyse your performance

Review where you succeed and where you are challenged. List what worked and adopt study strategies that works best for you. It does not matter how small the points are, they are building blocks to success. List what did not work, for improvement. Celebrate that you are on the road to achieve excellence.

Note : If you have any doubts about test strategy or measuring your performance in tests, you can check out our JEE/NEET online courses with test series.

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