IIT-JEE/NEET Preparation : How to Bounce Back from Low Scores in Tests

By | Last updated on November 1st, 2018

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Are you worried about low scores in your tests at coaching? 

Are you scoring low in your practice tests?

Don’t worry. It happens. The low score in a test, or series of tests in a month doesn’t have to demotivate or affect your JEE/NEET preparation. You can still clear your target exam with good rank if you consider the below points and take action now.

Analyse your tests

Take a look at each test and assess if there’s anything you can do to improve your score. The purpose of the periodic tests in coaching is to make you realise your mistakes and not to repeat them in the succeeding tests.

Did you miss a crucial step that you forgot to remember? Could you solve any question for better result? If you correct those mistakes, would you get the solution? Every step counts so figure out what you can do to maximize your score in next test. It might be easier than you think.

Find your mistakes (they can be silly ones) and keep a note of them. Next time when appear for a test, have a look at the previous mistakes and try not to repeat them this time. [The right method to practice for JEE/NEET]

Talk to your teacher about your problems/doubts/weak spots

Teachers (for JEE/NEET preparation) love students who are proactive and ask questions. Talk to them about the things you didn’t understand while solving the paper. They will tell you whether you need to work on your concepts, theory part, or need more practice to solve specific type of problems.

Have a voice in the classroom (or after the class when teacher open the session for questions). It never hurts to ask your doubts!

Be well prepared for upcoming tests

Don’t think about the final paper, the JEE or NEET exam, focus on doing better in next test. It’s a gradual process to improvement till the final day of the exam. Make sure you are clear on what you need to do to really ace these upcoming tests to raise the score as much as possible.

Siddharth Chandan from IIT Guwahati say this,

“All you need is time management and pattern of solving questions, for maximum score. These management of time and pattern can be only achieved by serious dedicated practice and questions solving.”

Keep your focus on present work

Don’t neglect what’s happening currently in your coaching/preparation in order to improve previous concepts or backlogs. You first priority should be to finish your current assignments and homework on time. School breaks and vacation days may be a great time to cover your backlogs and relieve some stress.

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If you’re overwhelmed by doubts for JEE/NEET, this may be the perfect time to get some extra help. An online tutor can help you improve your score, and guide you well for the remaining preparation.

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