Can an Average Student of Class 11 Get a Good Score in the JEE Main?

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average student good score jee main

Hey there. Nice to deal with ambitious aspirants.

So, an average guy of 11th standard wants to outdo his limits. Sure. You can.


By following this –

  1. Stop thinking of yourself as an average guy. There are only two types of successful people- Talented and Industrious.
  2. Prepare yourself for a fight with your limits. At each step, prove yourself why you’re better than the one you slept the last night as.

These are the first steps to success. Be it anything,

  • Self-confidence provides the foundation.
  • Hard work provides the impetus.
  • Calmness does the execution.
  • Humility does the consolidation.

Make these quality yours. You are bound to be a success. Now the preparation part

  1. Start with a good time-table. Follow it.
  2. Be clear with all the concepts. Refer to illustrations for developing problem-solving skills.
  3. Allow yourself enough relaxation period.
  4. Don’t leave the topics meant for JEE Main from NCERT.

Finally, don’t get nervous during the examination.

You’ll reap the result of your efforts only if the spindle you’re using doesn’t have a rusted blade.

Brain-fade not allowed. Keep your calm at the peak hour.

All the best! I hope it helps.

Cheers! AD 🙂
Anubhav Deep
IIT Kharagpur

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