What are Some Tips to Crack IIT JEE from Class 11?

By | Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Tips to crack JEE from class 11.

When you start JEE preparation in class 11, you are full of energy and positive attitude, but you don’t know where and how much time you should spend. You read not so important things too much because you find it easy and leave the basics as they appear too trivial to you.

Tips to Crack IIT JEE from Class 11

Valuable and useful tips to crack IIT JEE from class 11.

  1. Follow a routine, that is fix the amount of time you will spend on studies.
  2. Give equal importance to all three of Math, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. Chemistry appears boring and mugging things more, but it gives you more marks in less time.
  4. Try to read NCERT books especially in Chemistry. (I know you will find it boring, but take care, you will miss some good things if you don’t read it carefully.)
  5. Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in each three of subjects.
  6. Never give up on yourself and always try to learn and understand concepts.
  7. Learn the very basics of concepts and use it to solve the hardest of the questions.
  8. Draw a lot of free body diagrams.
  9. Speed up your calculations and accuracy.
  10. Avoid silly mistakes of units, wrong bubbling and not reading questions carefully.
  11. Keep revising formulas and concepts on a regular interval.
  12. Never leave doubts and keep clearing them.
  13. Never postpone your planned targets.
  14. Reach to your teachers regularly and share your problems .
  15. Also keep your parents aware of your issues/problems.

Sometimes you will feel low and think that you can’t get whatever you want, at that moment believe in yourself and the hard work you are putting into your preparation. Remember it will pay off.

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