How to solve questions quickly in competitive exams like IIT JEE or NEET?

By | October 10, 2016

solving questions fast iit jee

Speed is an important factor in clearing exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. Keeping an eye on accuracy, aspirants need to learn how to solve questions quickly in their preparation. This comes with a lot of practice and study.

General question solving techniques that I used are as follows:

  1. Remember all the formulas of Physics, Chemistry and Maths well. If you take time to recall the formula, you will lose the time.
  2. Try to get hint from question and options, which chapter or topic or concept is asked. Because JEE will have questions from almost all chapters of syllabus.
  3. Try to solve options. (Be careful, it’s a risky way. You may end up answering an easy question in a wrong way.) But, it may be useful at times. (Especially in BITSAT and JEE advanced. I couldn’t use option solving much in JEE main.)
  4. Think for another method to solve the problem. It may be a shortcut which might be valid only for that particular question (due to some special symmetry). Such tricks will solve your question in 1 minute instead of 4–5 minutes.

One such question (related to point 4) was asked in JEE main 2016. It had a straight line graph between Pressure and volume of a gas. We had to find the maximum temperature of an ideal gas during undergoing this process. The usual method is to find T as f(V) or f(P), then equating derivative of T =0.

Another approach (that I found out during the exam) is to think about PV=constant graphs at different temperature, which will help you realise that the hyperbola shifts “upward” along line P=V as temperature increases.

solving questions iit jee

So, the given PV line will touch the “highest” possible hyperbola at the midpoint of its intersections with x and y axes. Hence, the maximum temperature will occur at the midpoint for the given line. (By chance that line had slope = -1.)

solving questions quick jee


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