How Can I Clear My Backlogs for NEET? 8 Tips to Cover NEET Backlog

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Clear NEET backlog.

NEET preparation requires candidates to study as per the NEET syllabus in class 11 and 12. However, many aspirants, either due to time wastage or lack of proper strategy or due to health reasons, miss out on completing the NEET chapters in class 11 which becomes backlog in class 12.

What is the Backlog?

Backlog is an accumulation of uncompleted work needing to be dealt with. A large number of things that you should have done before and must do now.

Are you behind the class schedule? You have a backlog of class 11 chapters? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In this post, I am sharing some tips which help you to cover your NEET backlogs.

How to Cover My NEET Backlogs?

Here are the tips to clear your backlogs for NEET :

  1. Make a study timetable having specific time for backlog topics.
  2. Don’t make your present topic as the new backlog.
  3. Stay calm and don’t panic.
  4. Prepare small achievable targets which include both fresh studies and backlog.
  5. Increase your study hours.
  6. Give all your extra time to backlogs.
  7. Clear your doubts quickly and keep revising the topics.
  8. Stay away from distractions.

Make a study timetable having specific time for backlog topics

Divide your time daily for the current studies as well as backlogs. Devote minimum 2–3 hours each day to complete your backlog.

Don’t make your present topic as the new backlog

Attend your regular classes and don’t miss out on the current topics and chapters. Study the present topic even if you have the backlog topic as its base. Make proper notes. Cover the backlog later as per your scheduled time in timetable. Remember do not sacrifice your everyday studies to complete the leftover stuff.

Stay calm and don’t panic

Don’t be in a hurry, it takes time to cover your backlog. Be patient and follow your timetable seriously.

Prepare small achievable targets which include both fresh studies and backlog

Take one chapter at a time and try to complete your daily targets like “I will study theory of these topics today” or “I will solve around 30 problems today”. Achieving small goals motivates you to complete your full syllabus in time.

Increase your study hours

The biggest reason for the backlog is that you wasted your time when you were supposed to study for the exam. But what’s done is done now. Increase your study hours, give more effort, stay disciplined, and in no time you will finish your backlog!

Give all your extra time to backlogs

Utilize holidays for long study hours to catch up on your leftover topics. “If you have some function or a family event, it will be best if you skip it entirely (even if you want to attend it) and give that time to your backlogs. A completed backlog will be more satisfactory and will overpower the regret of missing some random function or event.” – Saptanshu Das (MBBS from SCB medical college, Cuttack).

Clear your doubts quickly and keep revising the topics

If you get a doubt while studying, clear it there only. Ask your teacher every doubt, as silly as it sounds. Keep revising the topic so that you don’t forget it to avoid a new backlog.

Stay away from distractions

Don’t make the same mistakes you did earlier. Get rid of all distractions like TV, social media, YouTube, mobile, etc.

NEET Backlog – Frequently Asked Questions

How to cover NEET class 11 backlog in class 12?

In class 12, give 70% of your time to study class 12 (present topics) and 30% to class 11 topics to get your backlogs clear within time.

Can I clear NEET if I have wasted 11th?

Yes, you can clear NEET if you have wasted class 11. Start with your missed, weakest and important NEET chapters of class 11 along with 12th.

Can I crack NEET if I have a lot of backlogs?

Yes, you can crack NEET. Never lag behind from now on. You already have a lot of backlog, it’s better not to increase it now.

Do toppers have backlogs?

Almost all students, including toppers, have backlogs. The percentage of backlog matters a lot. The lesser it is, the better for you. Toppers are very serious in covering their backlogs well before the exam time.

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