How to Score Decent Marks in the JEE Main Exam?

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Tips to score decent marks in JEE Main.

JEE Main is a test of : Speed + Concept + Problem exposure + Calmness.

How to Score Decent Marks in the JEE Main Exam?

Tips to score decent marks in the JEE Main exam.

  1. Every topic has to be covered till moderate level. In JEE Main, it is very important to cover every topic up to moderate level. Going very very deep in a topic is not a necessity but the minimum level of preparation should be moderate.
  2. High level of problem exposure. A large number of problems has to be solved which in turn not only increases the speed but also leads to the development of thoughts very quickly and the thoughts for a particular problem solving strikes very fast.
  3. Not skipping the so called only JEE Mains topics. Some JEE Main only topics like semiconductors, chemistry in everyday life have to be done because they are quite scoring as well as these are left by many students which gives another advantage of studying them.
  4. Give as many tests as you can. Giving the tests provides the real examination environment, it also tells you how to properly manage the time in all the 3 subjects.
  5. The art of option elimination. The most important of all the tips. Do not just run in doing the solution of the question as soon as you see it. First of all see all the options because many times it would happen that you need not solve the problem as the options would be rejected leading to only one correct answer.
  6. Keep the speed fast but not very fast. This is a crucial one because many of us solve in a hurry that leads to many silly errors in JEE Main paper which we cannot bear at all.
  7. Study NCERT by heart. Always make a regular habit of studying NCERT daily so that in the last time there is not a big burden on you. NTA loves NCERT and therefore you also have to love it else you would be in problem.
  8. Be calm. Just have faith in yourself during the examination that you have worked so hard and nothing would go waste.
  9. Proper sleep. An important point, take a sleep of minimum 6 hours daily to have maximum efficiency in the remaining time of the day.

Hope you score decent marks in the JEE Main exam by following the above tips.

Best wishes.

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Sparsh Agrawal

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