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This post is for JEE aspirants who may get less marks (NTA score) in JEE Main January attempt. The good thing is you have one more chance in April to improve your JEE Main score.

Let’s look at some of the ways to improve your performance in JEE Main April examination.

Strategy to Improve Score in JEE Main April Exam

1. Make sure your JEE Main syllabus is complete

Take out your JEE syllabus and scan all the topics again. Have you completed all the topics in all the chapters? If no, your first task is to learn and understand the topics you didn’t study. If you finished the syllabus, then you have to practice more problems and solve mock tests to improve your weak areas.

2. Analyse JEE Main January paper

Analyse your performance in the paper. Did you miss a crucial step that you forgot to remember? Could you solve any question for better result? If you correct those mistakes, would you get the solution? Find your mistakes and keep a note of them. Discuss these things with teachers, if possible. They can tell you whether you need to work on your concepts, theory part, or need more practice to solve specific type of problems.

3. What went wrong – Speed or Accuracy?

One of the benefit of a good JEE online test series is that it will tell you about the time spent on each question and section. In exam, did you take more than required time in solving questions? If yes, then you need more practice. The objective is to solve so many questions that you start anticipate which method would likely work best. With experience you’ll be able to see solution quickly.

If you got too much negative marks in paper, then you need to find out the silly mistakes you did in the exam. Did you read the question carefully? Is it about random guess? In exams like JEE, accuracy is more important than speed as a slight mistake can ruin other questions marks. Save the answer only if you’re sure it’s the correct one.

4. Identify the weak topics

Identify the questions and the topics where you faced problem in the exam. That’s where you want to give your maximum focus. It’s okay to make mistakes once, but making them again is not right. Remove all your confusion and doubts from these topics.

5. Master concepts and the way of solving problems

If your concepts are not clear, Physics and Maths will be tough for you. You will find these sections lengthy. Physics requires logical thinking, a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and the application of mathematics to solve problems. Understand the concepts instead of memorizing them.

Solving problems help you gain clear knowledge about the concept. Think different ways of solving problems. After solving a question, refer the solution to find if there is a better way to solve the question.

6. Continue test practicing

Don’t get demotivated by your performance in JEE Main January attempt. Keep practicing problems. Keep solving online mock tests. Keep revising topics and notes. You are given one more chance to redeem yourself. Don’t waste this opportunity.

7. Solve previous years JEE Main papers (Do it again)

Solve the past JEE Main papers like practice tests. Chemistry is not about just mastering theory in NCERT, you have to practice problems. If you don’t practice questions regularly, you would not be able to memorize the formula and the concept used.

8. Improve your exam temperament

Did you feel the pressure and nervousness in the exam? Did you panic while seeing the question paper or anytime during the exam? This is one of the common reason of not performing well in the exam. You need to learn how to remain calm in tough situations. Take the fear out of your mind and do whatever it takes to stay relaxed during the exam.

If you follow the above points, you will most likely to improve your score in JEE Main April exam.

Be positive, stay confident, clear JEE Main and qualify for JEE Advanced!

All the best.


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