3 Most Important Things to Crack BITSAT Online Test 2020

By | Last updated on May 13th, 2019

Tips to crack BITSAT.

First set a goal, “Once you have a commitment you need the discipline and hard work to get you there”. Definitely, you need hard work.

3 Most Important Things to Crack BITSAT 2020

Three most important elements according to me to crack BITSAT are :-

  1. Accuracy – You need very high accuracy in BITSAT. Though questions are not as tough as in advanced, the cutoffs are generally high, so you can’t risk committing any silly mistakes.
  2. Speed – You will get 150 questions and just 180 minutes. (Also there are 12 bonus questions for those who attempted all 150 questions).
  3. Knowledge – Almost every topic is covered in BITSAT so you can’t just skip any topic.

An online test series for BITSAT can be very helpful. It helps you to make a proper distribution of time among all the questions and to make a proper strategy for the exam.

I personally used Arihant’s test series (in the gap between JEE Advanced and BITSAT). It helped me a lot. Also, solve the paper with a fixed strategy every time, it is more efficient and it will boost up your speed. Arihant test series is a little bit tougher than actual BITSAT, I used to score around 360 in test series while I scored 426 in BITSAT.

And yes, if you want to score 400+ in BITSAT, bonus questions are a must.

Hope it helps!

If you want to ask anything else you can message me.

Mohul Maheshwari

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