How to Memorize Biology for NEET Faster and Easier?

By | Posted on October 18th, 2023

Memorize biology for NEET

NEET biology encompasses a wide range of topics, from anatomy and physiology to genetics and ecology. Memorizing biology for the NEET is very important for aspiring medical students in India.

Memorizing NEET biology can be made faster and easier by employing effective study strategies and techniques.

How to Memorize Biology for NEET?

Here are some tips to help you memorize biology more efficiently:

1. Read a chapter multiple times.

Multiple reading will make every word of the chapter ingrained in your mind, making it much easier to recall. Almost like a reflex. This method is ideal when you have enough time to prepare for NEET, like 1 or 2 years.

2. Use examples to remember concepts better.

Instead of mugging up everything in Biology, try to understand the concepts with examples, if possible. Real-world examples or specific cases can make abstract or complex biological ideas more concrete and easier to remember.

3. Revise regularly.

Revise the entire syllabus several times before the exams so as to be thorough with each concept included in each topic. Regular revision allows one to memorize everything better.

“If you make a habit of having a quick look at it again and again, the brain feels it’s important and retains it. Basically revision is the key here to memorize all that stuff for NEET. Understand the concepts, revise the facts. That’s it.” – Shriyal Prabhudesai (MBBS from AFMC, Pune)

4. Make short handwritten notes for quick revision.

For various types of diseases, sort out all the diseases given at the end of every human physiology chapter and write them down separately.

5. Appear in as many as mock tests as possible.

Mock tests will check your memorization during the exam situation. Revising on any random day is different than recalling them in a test. Be prepared for the exam day scenario.

6. Create charts and tables whenever required.

Chapters like Animal Kingdom can be revised much more easily and efficiently if the common features of various phylums are tabulated. For diagrams, tables and cycles, you have to go through them on a regular basis( say once a week or twice a month).

7. Make flashcards and placards for memorizing and revision.

Flashcards are quite helpful especially for cramming information. Make Small placards for examples. Chapters like the Biological Classification,Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Morphology, Microbes, etc. have a lot of examples. You may jot them down on small pieces of paper and carry them for repeated revision.

8. Use Mnemonics and your own tricks to remember things.

Mnemonics are a great help when it comes to memorizing Biology for NEET. For example, “Over The HILL”( for types of enzymes given in biomolecules chapter of biology), PVT TIM HALL( for the essential amino acids), etc.

Some of the mnemonics are so good that you do not easily forget them. No matter how funny, silly or dumb they are, your tricks are your own, stick to them.

Remember that memorization is more effective when it’s combined with understanding of concepts and topics. Instead of rote memorizing everything in Biology, focus on comprehension and use the above techniques to reinforce your understanding.

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