How to Revise Biology From NCERT Before the NEET Exam?

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Revise NCERT Biology.

How do I Revise my NCERT Bio?

You want to revise all the Biology chapters just before NEET. First things first, you only have to read NCERT. Practically, you can’t read NCERT line by line before the NEET exam and it doesn’t make sense to go line by line.

I mean you know :

  1. Aleurone layer is present in Monocot seeds.
  2. First heart sound is called Lub and second is called Dub.
  3. Lipids are generally water insoluble.
  4. Schleiden and Schwann gave the cell theory.
  5. RQ of carbohydrates is 1.
  6. Embryo sac is a 7 celled 8 nucleate structure.
  7. Typhoid fever is confirmed by Widal test.
  8. Most important cause driving animals and plants extinction is Habitat loss and Fragmentation.
  9. Down’s Syndrome is trisomy of Chromosome 21.
  10. Good Ozone is present in Stratosphere.

You do not need to revise these again and again or read in the last moments before the NEET exam. But you may not remember :

  1. Cytoplasmic streaming is easily visible in Hydrilla leaf.
  2. Calcium ions play very important role in blood coagulation.
  3. Each eye of cockroach consists of about 2000 hexagonal ommatidia.
  4. Families are characterized on the basis of both vegetative and reproductive features of plant species.
  5. In last 500 yrs, extinction of 784 species have been documented by IUCN Red list, including 338 vertebrates, 359 invertebrates and 87 plants.
  6. Polynucleotide phosphorylase is also known as Severo Ochoa enzyme.
  7. Rosie produced human protein enriched milk, 2.4 g/L.
  8. Corn cob – the tassels are stigma and style.
  9. Lab to Land was initiated by MS Swaminathan.
  10. Adenovirus causes respiratory infections.

Revising Biology From NCERT Before the NEET Exam

I used to star mark the points in NCERT which I used to forget in my mock tests last month and I had marked the previous year questions as NEET 19, 18 etc. So the day before NEET, I flipped NCERT and read those star marks and past year questions. It took me 4 hours hardly.

ncert biology 1

ncert biology 2

ncert biology 3

ncert biology 4

That’s pretty much it.

The approach of revising NCERT Biology should be of reductionism so that you can conclude it all in the end before the NEET exam.

Shubhangi Yadav
MBBS Student

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