How to Revise Syllabus During NEET Preparation?

By | Last updated on January 17th, 2019

neet syllabus revision

A smart revision technique will save you a lot of time and boost your confidence as well for NEET.

So here’s what I did :

(I’m assuming that you have a very good grasp on every topic & have to revise whole 11 & 12 syllabus).

1. Physics

  • Revising from a formula notebook, made by yourself. Having formulas and important points of each chapter is the best way.
  • But if you haven’t made it, then just go through formulas & highlighted points in your notes.
  • Then solve those questions which you wasn’t able to solve in one go, last time.
  • While solving questions always mark them according to their difficulty level & number of attempts you made to solve them, so that next time you solve only those questions which you wasn’t able to do previous time.

2. Chemistry

  • Just go through important points and formulas.
  • I would suggest to make some flashcards for organic and inorganic reactions.
  • For doing questions, same as in physics.

3. Biology

  • Just go through highlighted points from your notes/coaching modules/NCERT.
  • First take a whole look of chapter in just 5 min. Then go deeper in concepts and diagrams.
  • Try to explain diagrams and concepts to yourself, you’ll recall topic much better.

So these are my tried and tested ways of revising during NEET preparation.

Hope it helps 🙂

Himanshi Malik
MBBS from Pt. B.D. Sharma PGIMS Rohtak


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