Fear of Maths in JEE? How to Get Rid of Math Phobia for JEE?

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Math Phobia for JEE.

As we know the questions in JEE Mathematics can be difficult to solve, many students develop a fear of Math in JEE preparation. To get rid of the Math phobia for JEE, you need to follow the right procedure.

How to Get Rid of Math Phobia for JEE?

For your fear with Math in JEE preparation, I would recommend the following approach :

  1. Theory : Work on the theory really well. At least understand what is the basic idea. What are we calculating? Why are we doing so? What is its significance? Where is it applied? Also which are the books who describe the theorems, lemmas, results and definitions very clearly? Once we have done this we are on our way to the second step.
  2. Observe : Always observe a master at work. This master could be anyone. Your online tutor, your classroom teacher, your fellow seatmate, the class topper, the textbook or the practice book. Whenever there’s a problem being solved just keep the pen down and observe “what’s happening?”, “what’s the magic that I lack? ”, “what’s the basic idea?”, “what’s the algorithm?”. While doing this make a mind-map of the process to be followed while doing the same problem.
  3. Practice : Practice makes a human perfect. So once you know what to do, the most important bit is to do it yourself and note where you get stuck. What is that makes you scratch your head. “Was it a thinking inability?”, “Was it a step of the procedure you skipped?”, “Was the theory not clear?”. So pick up a good problems book and start solving the problems. Ask your doubts to someone you believe can solve it as well as explain to you the way to do it. It will take time but eventually you will succeed.

NOTES : Always remember the following though :

Don’t expect too much too early. Remember the following figure :

math learning curve

This is how you learn Math. The y-axis represents progress with x-axis representing time. So be patient with yourself.

A working amount of memory is required to recall the formulas and methods in JEE Math. So don’t go in with the expectation that everything is just thought and understanding-oriented. You will have to remember a lot of stuff in the beginning. With time it will eject out as a reflex.

Don’t give up on yourself and your aim which should be to master Math for JEE 🙂

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Rajanish Kumar Upadhyay
IIT Mandi

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