How to Stay Focused During IIT JEE Preparation?

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The best thing that helps to focus on JEE preparation and not affected by unnecessary distractions is – your will power and ambition to clear the JEE exam. Without it, many a times, it gets very difficult to work hard with consistency.

How to Stay Focused During IIT JEE Preparation

The distractions arrive because you let them come to you. There is no need to involve in some of the activities (mostly during self study).

  • Mobile phones : When you are studying, don’t use your phone. Keep your phone out of sight i.e. out of mind.
  • Music : Students who study in a quiet environment can recall things more than those who study while listening to music.
  • No Social Media/TV during studies. In JEE preparation the only addiction you need is your subjects – PCM.

It’s not that you boycott these things if you are preparing for JEE. When you are not studying, you are free to do all the above stuffs. You can relax your mind. Do things which you like. Only thing to keep in mind is – Time. Be very strict. If you are taking 15 minute or half an hour break, stick to it. No extra minutes. Go back to studies.

Identify your most productive hours. If you remember things and focus better early in the morning, then study more during that time. Studying 10-12 hours each day is not necessary for JEE. A well-concentrated 4-6 hrs of self study, other than coaching time, is sometimes more than enough.

“Managing time between studies and other tasks is important. You have to be extremely disciplined and focused during IIT JEE preparation.” – Sittun Swayam (IIT Kharagpur)

One important thing for good JEE preparation is your interest in subjects – Maths, Physics and Chemistry. If you love solving problems, understanding concepts, you will want to focus on studies as much as possible, keeping all distractions away.

Whenever you are about to get inclined towards the things which are not letting you to focus on studies then remember why you have decided to prepare for JEE. Whether it’s your parents’ wish or your own dream to get into an IIT, there has been something in you which made you the potential candidate to clear JEE.

Your competition is not with other JEE aspirants (in reality they are, but should not be in your mind). You have to surpass your own performance in tests. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident after scoring well. Work hard (smart) towards your JEE goal.

Rightly said by A Amrith Rangan (IIT Madras),

“Self motivation is very important. You will have to realise the value of what you’re doing, you will have to be very ambitious.”

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