How to Avoid Distractions in IIT-JEE/NEET Preparation?

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The distraction comes due to lack of passion, interest and determination. To crack IIT-JEE and NEET, you have to completely focused into your preparation and get rid of any distraction that affects your studies. One of the key advice from the students who clear JEE/NEET is to avoid all distractions and complete your homework-assignments on time. Any backlog is going to hurt you later.

7 Ways to Avoid Distractions in JEE/NEET Preparation

1. Have a plan and execute it

Rajeev Kumar (IIT Madras) shared an interesting analogy about jar, pebbles and sand. In short, “If you identify, plan and chase the important activities (study, practice, homework) in your day; rest of the lesser important activities (TV, social, phone) will fall in place automatically; but if you fail to do so; then these lesser important tasks fill your day and don’t let you focus on better things.”

2. Find your perfect study space

You need a good setup to study well. You need an environment which is calm and free from outside noises. Once you start studying at the same comfortable space everyday, you will feel “it’s my zone”. That’s how you can study for long hours without any disturbance.

3. It’s all about the habit

Procrastination is a lazy habit, you don’t need this in JEE/NEET preparation. Finishing homework and achieving targets on time is a habit which helps in clearing the exam. Making notes is a good habit. Solving problems is a good habit. All this requires consistency and self-motivation.

4. Change your strategy/method

Sometimes you lose interest in study because your methods may not be right. You have to involve mentally, completely, into your preparation. For that your methods can change, the one that prevents any distractions in advance.

5. Adjustment between the subjects

You have to focus on all 3 subjects PCM or PCB, based on your target exam. Ideally your time table should cover all subjects but sometimes when your mind says it’s enough of studying a subject for the day, it’s okay to move on to other subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work and target.

6. Take small breaks between study sessions

You don’t need continuous 2-3 hours of study at stretch. As a matter of fact, short breaks after 45-50 mins of study will boost your productivity. Your brain also needs refreshment to work well.

7. Rethink about your goal

If you badly want something, your aim is clear to achieve it. You’ll have plenty of time later to spend your time enjoying things you miss out during the preparation.

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