IIT JEE 2021 Preparation Strategy + Study Plan + Online Coaching

IIT-JEE 2021 Preparation Strategy

The preparation strategy and study plan for IIT JEE 2021 that we are going to cover here. (Click on the link below to go directly to the section you want to read).

What will be the IIT JEE 2021 Examination Pattern?

JEE Main 2021 will be conducted by the National Testing Agency in computer-based mode, twice a year, in January and April. You can appear in one or both exams. If you appear for both, the best score among the two will be considered for rankings. JEE Advanced 2021 will be conducted in online (CBT) mode only. The number of students who can eligible for JEE Advanced is currently top 2.5 Lakh candidates clearing JEE Main. This limit may get increased for JEE 2021. Related Page : IIT JEE New Exam Pattern

Any new changes in JEE 2021 (reduced syllabus or inclusion of any new type of questions), if made, will be updated here. You can bookmark or save this page for future reference.

COVID-19 Effect on JEE 2021 : Answering Students’ FAQs

What will happen to the JEE 2021 if COVID-19 situation doesn't improve?

If COVID-19 situation doesn't improve and there is a delay in Board exams, then NTA may postpone JEE Main 2021 January exam by a month or two. Keep any eye on the Ministry of Education and NTA for any changes in JEE 2021 exam schedule.

Will there be any delay in the JEE Main 2021 January exam?

As of now, there is no delay in JEE Main 2021 January exam. Just keep your preparation going as per schedule and expect the JEE Main to be conducted in the month of January. NTA will take a call on JEE Main 2021 depending on the prevailing situation after the schools reopen and the schedule of Board exams.

When is the JEE 2021 likely to be held because of COVID pandemic?

JEE Main 2021 is likely to be held in the month of January and April 2021. JEE Advanced 2021 will be conducted in the month of June 2021. Any new changes in JEE 2021 exam due to COVID pandemic will be updated by NTA in coming months.

How will lockdown affect the JEE 2021 coaching and preparation?

Since JEE coaching is available online from last few years, not just in lockdown, the preparation schedule of the JEE candidate should remain the same. A student must clear all his/ her doubts at home, through online classes. Stay home, stay safe and prepare for JEE via online coaching.

Are there any disadvantages of dropping for the JEE 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are no disadvantages of taking a drop due to COVID-19 pandemic as students can join IIT JEE online coaching classes from home. Dropping a year for JEE 2021 preparation is not an easy option but a sensible decision keeping the severity of the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Will the competition in JEE 2021 increase or decrease?

Competition in JEE 2021 will increase because many students are taking a drop for JEE 2021 as their preparation got hampered by COVID-19 and some of them decided against giving the exam this year due to safety reasons.

How to stay motivated for JEE 2021 in the time of Corona and COVID?

Many students preparing for JEE 2021 are not able to focus on their studies because of COVID situation. They need to stay positive, no matter how difficult the situation is. Follow the study plan with dedication. Don’t get distracted . Stay focused to achieve your goals. Be self-motivated and ambitious.

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How to Start Preparing for IIT JEE 2021?

Here are the tips to start preparing for IIT JEE 2021.

  • Print the syllabus of JEE 2021 and keep it with you till the exam.
  • Choose the books and material required for JEE 2021 preparation.
  • Identify your best study times and make a timetable accordingly.
  • Remove all unnecessary distractions and make a habit of studying every day at the same time.
  • Make notes from the start of your preparation.
  • Do homework/ assignments on time and avoid backlogs.
  • Keep revising what you are studying.
  • Analyse your tests and learn from mistakes.
  • Stay disciplined and consistent.

IIT JEE 2021 Study Plan and Preparation Strategy

  • Commit to your schedule. You should have defined study sessions to ensure you are building your knowledge of the subjects instead of cramming it all in the last minute. Break down your study sessions into 45-60 mins sessions (based on how long you can concentrate) and then take a short break of 5-10 mins. Do things which you like to relax your mind. Only thing to keep in mind is – Time. Be very strict. If you are taking a 10 minute break, stick to it. No extra minutes. Go back to studies.
  • Identify your most productive hours. If you remember things and focus better early in the morning, then study more during that time. Studying 10-12 hours each day is not necessary for JEE. A well-concentrated 4-6 hrs of self study, other than coaching time, is sometimes more than enough. Consistency is very important. Instead of studying all night one day and sleeping on the next day, it is better to study for equal hours on both days.
  • Clear all the basics in all subjects. Try not to skip topics. If you find any topic boring, then incorporate new effective methods of studying to make it more interesting. You can do this by active learning where you can question yourself, make flowcharts, tables and diagrams etc. [How to Study a Topic in IIT-JEE Preparation?]
  • It is important that your basics of almost all the topics are clear and that you can tackle easy or moderate level problems in those topics, because sometimes easier questions may come from the topics which you didn’t prepare that well.
  • Understand concepts well and practice problems. You need consistent practice to improve speed and accuracy. Objective questions (MCQs) test your concept thoroughly. If you know that you are not very familiar with the concepts involved in the problem, don’t attempt it, rather study the concept first and then attempt the problem.
  • Think of different ways of solving problems. A question does not end with just getting the right answer. Instead, after getting the correct answer, you should think about how else you could have solved that problem. You can also refer to the solution after solving the problem. You may find some other alternative approach to the problem. You have to reach the solution in the fastest possible time. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems. Teachers in coaching will help you.
  • Appear for mock tests, and assess yourself regularly. Take a look at each test and analyse if there’s anything you can do to improve your score. The purpose of the periodic tests in coaching is to make you realise your mistakes and not to repeat them in the succeeding tests. "Count the marks you lose due to silly mistakes, conceptual error, wrong interpretation of any question and other mistakes. After every test, compare it with the previous one. This will not only reduce your chance of committing a mistake but also it will motivate you as marks will increase." - Apoorv Agrawal (IIT Indore).
  • Resolve your doubts quickly. If you don’t understand anything, ask the same question again and again from your teacher.
  • Make your own notes. Making notes is one of the best assets in JEE preparation. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your own style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules. Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in all three subjects.
  • It's very important to go through your class notes each day after class. Things are fresh then and when you revise that time only, the whole scenario starts becoming clear. It's also directly related to your understanding in the class the next day.
  • Notebook for mistakes : "Make a notebook containing your mistakes. Whenever you make any mistakes in a mock test or forget a concept or formula etc. note it down in this notebook. As time passes you’ll have a collection of mistakes which you aren’t supposed to commit in exams. Revise from this copy regularly. This would help you score higher." - Ashesh Pradhan (IIT Kharagpur).
  • Start revising early. It’s not just after finishing the syllabus or before the exam, revision is a continuous process during regular studies. It must happen daily in some form or other. Include a specific revision slot in your JEE preparation schedule. Don’t procrastinate the revision time for new study.
  • Take proper sleep. Compromising on sleep makes you sluggish and lazy. Ideally you need 6–8 hours of sleep to get active throughout the day.
  • Be determined. Stay positive. There will be times when you would find it difficult to understand and manage things. Do not give up.

Clearing JEE requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in topics/ subjects and learning in a smart and efficient way.

Note : The thing with planning and strategy is that it shouldn’t be time consuming. The time consuming part is action, you actually moving forward, and following the strategy. Don’t get confused with questions like “How to start?”, “From where should I begin?”, “When to study?”. Start with your favourite subject. It will give you confidence to prepare for the JEE exam.

Subject-wise Study Strategy for IIT JEE 2021


Physics requires logical thinking, a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and the application of mathematics to solve problems. Physics relies less on memory and more on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems. Understanding the concepts and solving problems is the key to score well in physics. Master the basics of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas. While preparing, keep your concepts clear before you go for questions. Numerical problems and conceptual questions, both are important for JEE.

Golden rule to master physics in JEE : Practice, Practice, and Practice Problems. The objective is to solve so many questions that you start to anticipate which method would likely work best. With experience, you'll be able to see solutions quickly.


For Mathematics, practice is very much important. Formulae should be on your tips. Know every shortcut possible. Mathematics is not just solving, it needs a little visualisation skills too (ex.- graphs and curve sketching).

"Work on the theory really well. At least understand the basic idea. What are we calculating? Why are we doing so? What is its significance? Where is it applied? A working amount of memory is required to recall the formulas and methods. So don’t go in with the expectation that everything is just thought and understanding-oriented. You will have to remember bulk of stuff in the beginning. With time it will eject out as a reflex." - Rajanish Kumar Upadhyay (IIT Mandi).


The best way to study Organic Chemistry for JEE is to learn by understanding and then revising it again and again. Write a summary of important points. Start with the basics and then move ahead with complex concepts. Practice problems each time when you study a topic. Make a separate notebook for named reactions & their mechanism and revise it daily.

For Physical Chemistry, Read from NCERT and have your concepts clarified at your coaching institute. To become good at Physical Chemistry you need to develop problem solving skills. Be thorough with all the formulae. You should know all the formulas of chemical bonding, equilibrium, kinetics, radioactivity etc. Solving a lot of problems in Physical Chemistry helps.

Inorganic Chemistry involves a lot of memorization. Study NCERT properly. Make precise notes for each chapter. You might think it is a waste of time right now to maintain so many notes but they’ll prove indispensable for your JEE revision.

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IIT JEE 2021 Syllabus Reduced? [Updated]

The syllabus for JEE 2021 is likely to be reduced as students have lost valuable academic time due to COVID-19 situation. NTA and IIT JAB are looking into the matter as CBSE and ICSE have also cut down the syllabus by 30% for 2020-21 session. IIT JEE 2021 syllabus, when reduced, will be updated here.

JEE Main 2021 Syllabus : JEE Main Syllabus

JEE Advanced 2021 Syllabus : JEE Advanced Syllabus

Recommended Books for IIT JEE 2021 Preparation

See the list of books recommended by IITians and teachers for IIT JEE preparation : Reference books for JEE preparation

You may not be required to study from too many books if you follow a good JEE study material of a coaching. The study material is prepared specifically for JEE level concepts and questions.

Should I Prepare for JEE Main Only OR JEE Main and JEE Advanced Both?

Prepare for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced right from the beginning. Both involve almost the same syllabus, only the level of questions will be a little higher in JEE Advanced. Focus on learning concepts, practice, speed and accuracy.

How to Manage JEE and School Boards Preparation?

Don't worry. JEE syllabus covers almost all your class 11th and 12th topics/concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. You will be well prepared for school board exams when you study for JEE. If you put your best effort, stay focused and avoid distractions, you can score great marks in both JEE and board exams.

Don’t underestimate your classes in school. They follow textbooks on which school board exams will be based on. Learn and understand whatever is taught in the class. The unit tests and pre-boards (half yearly exams) are a good time to check your preparation level of boards. Study one or two nights before the exam but study that with full concentration since with less time you want more results. Make the best use of your school time to study for your school board exams.

Master both long theoretical answers and fast calculation based problems. You have to be flexible between solving questions for board exams and JEE. Board exams have a step-wise marking scheme, you need to write in points, flowcharts and diagrams are part of the answers. While in JEE, you just want the answer in the shortest possible time with rough calculations.

Solve sample papers before/during the board exam time. Either during board exams or a month before the exams (as per your preparation level), you need to solve sample papers of your board to practice subjective questions and answers.

"Board exams basically focus on knowledge (more theoretical) whereas JEE basically focuses on the application of knowledge. So when you acquire the knowledge with clear concepts, it will take care of your board exams. For JEE, you further require lots of practice and fast problem solving skills using various tricks." - Abhijeet Mahato (IIT-Kharagpur).

Things to Avoid in IIT JEE 2021 Preparation

  • Procrastination and Backlogs : Procrastination is a lazy habit, you don’t need this in JEE preparation. Finishing work and assignments on time is a habit which helps in achieving your goal. Clear your doubts as soon as possible.
  • Excessive TV/ Social media/ Video games: Avoid anything that can take your precious time, JEE preparation needs your focus and dedication, rest of the things can wait.
  • Reading too many books: Quality matters more than quantity. The number of books you read is not proportional to your chances of clearing JEE. You need to be aware of what’s in the syllabus and avoid questions which are above the exam level.
  • Only mugging and not understanding concepts: Don’t mug up things. Avoid cramming unless it’s some chemistry part or basic formulas.
  • Feeling depressed due to low scores in tests: You will improve with each test. Monthly tests or practice tests are just to analyse your understanding and learning. It’s a way to learn from your mistakes.
  • Depending only on self study: There is a reason why students who clear JEE give due credit to coaching and teachers for their performance. Teachers in coaching have many years of experience in preparing students for JEE. They will resolve your doubts, correct your mistakes and give you the right direction to achieve results.

Do I Need Coaching for IIT JEE 2021?

Yes, you should join coaching for IIT JEE 2021. Coaching classes provide students a balanced approach where they can prepare for IIT JEE in a consistent way and at the same time they can do good in school also. Your teachers will not just help you in solving problems or clearing doubts, but will keep a constant watch on your study methods and preparation level.

Best Online Coaching for IIT JEE 2021

A team of experienced and qualified teachers (including IITians) will teach you online using a computer/ laptop and internet connection. Mystudycart online classes are live and interactive that allows 2-way communication between teacher and student. It’s like a normal classroom where you will be able to interact with the teacher and can ask your doubts. The batch calendar will be given to you in advance. The hard copy study material will be delivered to your home after the enrollment, and a free online test series will also be provided for solving mock tests.

Attractive scholarships, regular counselling, continuous online help from subject and exam experts, customized sessions are some of the key advantages of our IIT JEE Online Coaching. Personal attention and monitoring are the hallmarks of our online sessions. We are having not more than 20 students in a batch, which allows our teachers to carefully monitor the progress of each student.

One of the benefits of joining Mystudycart is that if you are not enrolled in a regular online classroom course, you can purchase a customized package (which includes only the topics or chapters you want to study). You’ll be allotted the number of hours that are required to complete your topics.

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