Fee Structure of CIWG Category in DASA Scheme

CIWG DASA Fee Structure.

Registration Fee and First Semester Tuition Fee for different categories (CIWG, DASA Non-SAARC, DASA SAARC) are given below:

Admission Category Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) (1) Tuition Fee (For First Semester only) (2) Total Amount paid along with the Application Form
CIWG US $ 300/- INR ₹ 62,500/- (or Equivalent amount in US Dollars) (1) + (2)
DASA Non-SAARC US $ 300/- US $ 4000/- US $ 4300/-
DASA SAARC US $ 300/- US $ 2000/- US $ 2300/-

For information regarding any additional fee to be paid at the time of admission please visit the website of the allotted institute or contact them.

Parents, living in India or abroad & also applicants from Nepal and Bhutan can pay prescribed fees under DASA scheme either in US Dollars or in Equivalent Indian Rupees.

Total Fee for CIWG Candidates in DASA Scheme

Tuition Fee for subsequent semesters of study: The tuition fee of INR ₹ 62,500 / US$ 4,000 / US$ 2,000 (as applicable) for the subsequent semesters of study is to be paid by the admitted applicants, directly to the concerned Institution, as per rules of the admitting Institution.

Hostel Accommodation and other Expenses: Hostel fee and other expenses, which may typically range from US$400 – US$800 per annum and may vary from Institute to Institute, are required to be paid by the applicant directly to the Institution at the time of admission. Applicants are advised to visit the websites or contact concerned authorities of the respective Institutes for detailed information regarding hostel accommodation, its availability and other expenses. DASA is not responsible for arranging Hostel or other facilities at the individual Institutes.

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