Essential Documents Required for CIWG Quota - DASA Scheme

Documents Required for CIWG Quota.

Here's the list of essential documents* required for CIWG Quota in DASA Scheme.

  • For CIWG quota, there has to be proof of either parent working in a gulf country. The proof that either of the parent is working in gulf country will be:

    • Copy of the passport of the parent working in the gulf country.
    • Copy of Parent’s visa.
    • Copy of Parent’s Work Permit (If any).
    • Certificate from the company/organization as proof that the parent is working in gulf country. Download CIWG Certificate
  • Eligibility of CIWG will be the same as that of NRIs.
  • CIWG candidate has to make a payment of USD $ 300 as registration fee (nonrefundable) and INR ₹ 62,500/- towards tuition fee for one semester (either in INR or equivalent USD).
  • The vacant seats if any, out of 5% supernumerary seats reserved under CIWG quota shall be reverted to other category of DASA.
  • Any change in the tuition fee from competent authority from time to time will be applicable to CIWG also.

*All the documents required for CIWG Quota need to be self-attested.

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