NEET 2025 Preparation Strategy, Study Plan, Online Coaching

NEET 2025 Preparation.

This is a preparation guide for NEET 2025 aspirants. Here we will see how to start preparing for NEET 2025, study plan, preparation strategy, timetable, subject-wise tips and best online coaching to crack the NEET exam.

NEET-UG is one of the most challenging competitive entrance examinations in India. It’s important for students to follow a proper schedule, tips and strategy for clearing NEET exam.

NEET 2025 Preparation

How to Start Preparing for NEET 2025?

At the start of NEET preparation, you can focus on learning basic concepts, time management, discipline and following a study routine.

Here are some tips to start preparing for NEET 2025 :

  • Start a habit to study every day. With time you will be able to study for long hours without losing concentration.
  • Identify your best study times and make a timetable accordingly.
  • Build up your interest in all three subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Get the books and material required for NEET preparation.
  • Join coaching and attend regular classes.
  • Complete your work on time and avoid backlogs.
  • Read theory properly before attempting questions.
  • Make notes from the start of your preparation.

NEET 2025 Preparation After Class 10 Board Exams

Many students start their NEET preparation just after the class 10 board exams. There is no point in wasting time waiting for the board results. Take a week off, if required to refresh your mind, and then start your NEET preparation journey. Most of the coaching providers start their NEET 2 year batches just after the board exams.

NEET 2025 Preparation Strategy From Class 11

Class 11 syllabus is the base that helps in covering class 12 syllabus for NEET. It's recommended to join coaching in class 11 for NEET preparation as it increases your chances of getting a good rank in NEET 2025.

Reading from NCERT books, solving questions every day, doubt removals, revising topics, improving speed and accuracy, regular tests, following your teachers advice, are some of the key things which you need to focus on in class 11 to crack NEET 2025.

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NEET 2025 Study Plan

  • Create a study timetable for NEET giving sufficient time to all 3 subjects. If you feel weak in any subject, give more time to that subject.
  • Make a list of topics from the NEET syllabus that you need to complete during the week and then do it. [If you have coaching, just keep up with what's going on in classes, don't lag behind.]
  • Start from the basics. Thoroughly read NCERT textbooks. By reading NCERT means all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables.
  • Learn the concepts through real life examples and demonstrations. Examples help you to understand the basics of any subject.
  • Study by clubbing chapters which are related and build on each other. For e.g. the entire Organic Chemistry is to be read together, Gravitation with Electrostatics, Biological Classification with Microbes in Human Welfare, etc.
  • Practice questions from coaching modules and NCERT examples, exercises.
  • Solve problems every day. Have a reliable goal, something like 20 problems a day, and increase your difficulty at regular intervals.
  • If you feel sleepy and find it difficult to study at late hours then do numericals at that time as it requires more concentration and attention.
  • Don't leave chapters from the NEET syllabus considering them unimportant or difficult to study.
  • Ask your teachers for help or clear your NEET doubts online.
  • Keep revising what you learn. Make flow charts, diagrams, tables, posters, post-its, etc. and stick them wherever possible and have a glance at them repeatedly.
  • Manage your time well between studies and other tasks. Long continuous study hours can bring exhaustion and too many breaks may result in not being able to complete your work in time.
  • Sleep well for 6-8 hours every day. Most of the time we get so ambitious that we do not give proper rest to our body. If you are disturbing your sleep cycle then you’ll end up feeling sleepy throughout the day.
  • Stay positive and determined to achieve your goal. Believe that you can crack NEET and do everything that is required to make it happen.

Note : "After putting considerable amount of time and hard work to make a flawless study schedule and diligently trying to follow it, a majority of students end up not following the schedule after a week or so; thus putting all your efforts in the drain. Reason for this failure is – not being punctual. The aspirant should really try hard to stick to the schedule and should allow modifications in it so as to accommodate any changes in circumstances i.e. making a realistic and flexible schedule." - Ankit Kumar (Cleared NEET 2018 with 99.91 percentile).

Timetable for NEET 2025

Here are the steps to make a timetable for NEET :

  • Think about when you do your best study. Recognize your strengths and how your energy shifts throughout the day and plan your timetable accordingly.
  • Take small challenges, like for 15 days you will study as per the same routine. It can become a habit that leads you to crack NEET.
  • If you are not able to follow your timetable, figure out what went wrong, readjust the timings, and try again.
  • Your timetable should provide flexibility if any subject or topic requires more time than allotted, or when a test is scheduled for the next day.
  • Be consistent. Daily study is the most important skill you need to clear NEET.

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Subject-wise Study Tips for NEET 2025


  • Learn everything in the NCERT Biology. Do not leave any topic, any line, any word of NCERT unturned.
  • Some chapters require very deep understanding, some require memorization. Focus on both the aspects.
  • Remember diagrams very very carefully in Biology. There are questions from diagrams almost every year.
  • Make your own handwritten notes in which you can make flow charts and shortcuts to learn important topics.
  • Keep revising Biology from time to time, every week.
  • Solve MCQs of each chapter (refer coaching modules). It will help you to know what type of questions are asked in the exam and will increase your speed and accuracy.


  • For Physics, conceptual clarity is the key. Make sure your concepts are clear of each topic. Solve problems/ numericals after going through all the concepts from a chapter.
  • Practice a lot of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up.
  • Avoid calculation mistakes. Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) while solving Physics problems. Verify units for any conversion.
  • Solve NCERT examples and questions. Points to ponder in NCERT are important.
  • Make a formula list of each chapter. Revise them whenever you get time.
  • Don’t try to mug up stuff in Physics. Understand the concepts so that you can apply them in solving problems.


  • Read NCERT Chemistry completely – including theory, examples, questions, tables, graphs, reactions, exceptions, everything.
  • Make short notes of all named reactions, compounds, functional groups. It will help you to see all the information in one glance.
  • Create mnemonics for NEET Chemistry to remember all the important stuff.
  • Revise Inorganic Chemistry on a regular basis. Complete all NCERT chapters.
  • Understand the mechanism and exceptions in Organic Chemistry. Practice them all.
  • Improve your speed in Physical Chemistry by consistently solving problems.
  • Give sufficient time to each portion (Organic, Inorganic, Physical) in Chemistry. Don’t give maximum time to the part which you like more and less time to the one which you find difficult.

Best Books for NEET 2025 Preparation

Here are the recommended books for NEET 2025 preparation: Best Books for NEET preparation.

If you join a coaching for NEET, then the best thing to follow is your NEET coaching study material. It is prepared specifically for NEET level concepts and questions.

NEET-UG 2025 Syllabus

One of the first things when starting NEET preparation is to know the syllabus of NEET. It contains the topics from class 11 and 12. It may look humongous to see the full syllabus at first glance but don’t worry it’s a gradual process of learning, step by step, topic by topic, question by question, to complete the syllabus. During the course of the preparation, you are advised to have a quick scan at the syllabus and look out for any missing topics. If a topic is not covered, you can discuss the same with the teacher in the class.

Syllabus for NEET 2025 (Class 11 and 12): NEET-UG 2025 Syllabus.

How to Manage NEET 2025 Preparation with Board Exams?

During the board exams, you can shift your focus from NEET to board exams. Practice subjective and other types of questions asked in the Board exams. Solve sample papers and revise all the chapters. Continue preparing for NEET after the board exams.

NEET 2025 Preparation - FAQs

When will NEET 2025 be conducted?

NEET 2025 is expected to be conducted by NTA on the first Sunday of May, 2025.

Will there be any changes in the NEET 2025 syllabus?

NEET 2025 syllabus will be the same as the existing syllabus.

Will there be any change in the exam pattern of NEET 2025?

The NEET 2025 exam pattern is expected to be the same as the current exam pattern of NEET.

How to prepare for NEET 2025 at home?

Students can prepare for NEET 2025 at home by taking classes from online coaching platforms like Mystudycart.

Should I take coaching for NEET 2025?

Yes, you should take coaching for NEET 2025. For school preparation, you may manage by yourself, but for NEET, you need some kind of guidance and monitoring. Teachers in coaching will help you a lot in the preparation of NEET. In coaching classes, you can ask your doubts, queries, study methods or anything that is getting you trouble.

When should I join coaching for NEET 2025?

You can join coaching for NEET 2025 right now as admissions are going on for 2 Year NEET Courses. The batches for NEET start after class 10 board exams in the month of April.

Best Online Coaching for NEET 2025

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