NEET-UG Online (Computer-Based) Examination Process, Difficulty Level, FAQs

UPDATE on August 21, 2018 : HRD ministry has reverted the decision of conducting NEET 2019 twice a year in computer-based mode. NEET-UG will be a single exam in pen and paper mode, just like previous years.

The below information is not valid as of now.

Here we will look at the NEET computer-based examination process, NEET online test difficulty level, frequently asked questions from students about NEET computer-based exam, and general queries on NEET happening twice a year.

NEET Online (Computer-Based) Examination Process

In the NEET computer-based exam, students will give examination at designated exam centres where they need to answer the questions on a computer instead of using pen and paper.

During NEET computer-based examination, the questions will appear on the computer screen along with the options. There will be four or more options for each question. The candidate has to select the right option using computer mouse which can be reviewed or re-answered any time during the duration of the examination.

If you have good practice of solving online papers on desktop/laptop at your home, there is nothing extra you need to do at the day of NEET computer-based examination in February and May. You will feel more relaxed than those who don't practice online tests.

NEET Online (Computer-Based) Test Difficulty Level

The change in examination body and exam mode not necessarily changes the difficulty level of NEET. It will still test your concepts and the problem solving ability. The syllabus and questions pattern will remain same for NEET computer-based exam.

FAQs About NEET Online (Computer-Based) Exam

What computer knowledge is required to appear for NEET Computer-Based Test?

Use of a computer mouse. That’s it. When you solve NEET online mock tests, you’ll be able to understand all the options on the computer screen. You just need to use your mouse for selecting the answer, navigating between questions, etc.

What is the Difference Between NEET Computer-Based Exam and Online Exam?

An online exam is a computer based test where you are connected to internet while giving the exam. This is discouraged for obvious reasons like possible chances of cheating, hacking or network fluctuations during the exam.

A computer based exam (without internet) is a software application which allows conducting of the exam in a closed environment. You will not be able to access any external pages or resources except the test. It’s more like an offline test on a computer. It recovers the students answers if any unforeseen incidents would appear like computer stops working.

From where can I practice NEET online (computer-based) Test?

Either from NTA NEET website or join an online test series. The latter option will give you additional analysis reports on your tests to enhance your performance.

What if there is a problem with my computer, will I lose the time?

No. If your computer stops functioning, your time will be paused. Once it gets working with the help from exam invigilator, you can start again from the time when it stopped.

What about rough sheets? Will it be provided to candidates?

Yes, the candidates will be given blank sheets for rough work at the start of the examination. Submit them to the invigilator after the exam.

General Queries on NEET Twice a Year

Should I attempt one or both NEET exams in February and May?

Since the “best of two” approach will be applicable, it’s no-brainer that you should go for both exams in February and May. Two chances are better than one.

NEET, two exams in a year (February and May), will they be considered as two attempts or single attempt?

As it is informed that students can choose either one or both exams, and the best score will be considered for result and admission, then it should be considered as a single attempt only.

Can class 12 students take NEET in February?

Yes, class 12 students are eligible to give NEET exam in February. You can again attempt the exam in May to improve your score.

Can a 12th passout student take NEET twice?

Yes, you can. It will be considered as a single attempt.

What are the changes I have to make in my preparation for NEET?

The NEET syllabus, questions pattern, choice of language will not change and hence your preparation style remain same. The only change you need to do is to solve online mock tests for practice.

What will be the benefits of conducting NEET twice a year?

The best feature of conducting NEET twice is that student will not lose one year if he/she not able to perform good due to any reason, because there will be two examinations before admission.

How will it affect the NEET counselling and admission? Will seats remain same?

The counselling and admission process is different from the conducting of the exam. The job of NTA is to successfully conduct the NEET exam. Yes, seats will remain same, moreover they can be increased depending on the opening or functioning of new medical colleges.

Which books does NTA prefer for setting the NEET paper?

Nobody knows except them. You have no other option than to follow the best practice i.e. to study from NCERT and coaching material. You can also use recommended reference books for NEET, as per requirement, but avoid using multiple books to study the same topic.

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