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BITS-Pilani NRI Quota

BITS-Pilani is the best private engineering college and among the top 10 engineering institutes in India. BITSAT is the common entrance exam for BE/BTech admissions in BITS-Pilani. This is an FAQ guide for NRIs (OCI/PIO) and Foreign Nationals who are interested in taking admission in BITS-Pilani and its campuses in Hyderabad, Goa and Dubai.

BITS-Pilani FAQs for NRIs (OCI/PIO) and Foreign Nationals

Here we are answering queries of NRI students and parents regarding NRI quota in BITS, fees, NRI seats, cutoff, eligibility, international admission and BITSAT preparation.

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Is there an NRI quota in BITS-Pilani?

No, there is no NRI quota in BITS-Pilani. Candidates who have citizenship other than India can apply under BITS International Students Admissions Scheme.

Does BITS Hyderabad and Goa have an NRI quota?

No, there is no NRI (OCI or PIO) quota in BITS Hyderabad and Goa. Admissions in BITS Hyderabad and Goa happen through the BITSAT exam (except for International students).

How do NRI students get admission in BITS-Pilani?

NRI students can get admission in BITS-Pilani by clearing the BITSAT exam. International students can get admission in BITS-Pilani through SAT scores.

Can NRI students write the BITSAT entrance exam?

Yes, NRI students can write the BITSAT entrance exam, provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria for BITSAT like age limit, appearance and performance in Grade XII (or equivalent) examination, minimum aggregate marks, etc.

How can NRI students prepare for the BITSAT exam?

NRI students can prepare for BITSAT online through Mystudycart coaching platform where they can attend live classes from the top faculty and experts at home.

What is the BITSAT cutoff for NRIs?

There is no separate BITSAT cutoff for NRI students. Admissions will be made purely on merit based on the score obtained by the candidate in the BITSAT online test.

Can OCI and PIO students give BITSAT?

Yes, OCI and PIO students can appear for the BITSAT entrance exam if they fulfill the eligibility criteria required for BITSAT.

What is the NRI quota fee in BITS?

The fee for NRI students (OCI and PIO) in BITS is the same as for Indian citizens and admission happens through BITSAT.

Can I get admission in BITS Dubai without BITSAT? What is the admission process for BITS Dubai campus?

Yes, BITSAT is not required for admission in BITS Dubai. Candidates are offered admission in BITS Dubai based on the merit in the class 12/ qualifying examination (Physics, Chemistry, Math compulsory). Score above 95% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Math through Mystudycart customized online courses.

What is the International Students Admissions (ISA) Scheme in BITS-Pilani?

Through BITS-Pilani ISA Scheme, candidates holding foreign passports of a country other than India can apply for admission through SAT score. Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process for BITS-Pilani ISA Scheme

What is the SAT cut-off for BITS?

For admission in BITS-Pilani, Candidate should have a minimum aggregate score of 1160 (out of maximum of 1600) in SAT (new format) which includes a Reading & Writing and Mathematics test. Scores of candidates who had written SAT as per the old format will be mapped using concordance tables available from CollegeBoard (USA).

Can NRI students apply in BITS-Pilani through the International Admissions Scheme?

No, only foreign national students with valid passports can apply in BITS-Pilani through the International Admissions Scheme.

What is BITS International Admission Fee?

For international admission, the fee in BITSAT for Non-SAARC students is around 15 Lakh for the full course. For SAARC students, the total fee is around 10 Lakhs. Scholarships are available on the merit basis.

Can foreign national students apply in BITS-Pilani?

Yes, foreign national students can apply in BITS-Pilani through the ISA scheme. There are foreign students currently studying in BITS campuses.

Can an NRI student give the BITSAT exam abroad (outside India)?

Yes, an NRI student can give the BITSAT exam abroad (outside India) in Dubai (UAE) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

Can I get admission in BITS-Pilani through DASA or CIWG scheme?

No, DASA or CIWG scheme is for admission in NITs, IIITs and few other colleges but not BITS-Pilani.

What is the BITSAT application procedure for an NRI student?

The BITSAT application procedure for NRI students is the same as for students in India. NRI candidates have to apply online for BITSAT when registration begins.

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