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NEET best online course

Thanks to Digital India, the traditional coaching classes is not the only way to prepare for medical entrance examination like NEET. With the rise of good internet speed across cities and towns, it’s now possible for medical aspirants to join online courses for NEET from any part of the country.

NEET online preparation is becoming a convenient and affordable option for medical aspirants to prepare for NEET, right from their home.

When you search for NEET online course, you will get a variety of options in the form of online classes, video lectures, tablet programs (like iTutor) or App-based tutoring. You need to choose the NEET online course that will provide you maximum benefits so that you can clear NEET with a very good rank.

Online Preparation for NEET-UG

There are two ways of online preparation for NEET:

  1. Active (Interactive) participation of student and teacher, e.g. Live Online Classes.
  2. Passive (one-way) learning for the student, e.g. video lectures, tablet courses or mobile apps.

Anyone can tell that the first option i.e. Live Classes is the best way to prepare for NEET in online mode. Online interactive classes will give you the feel of a regular physical classroom where you can ask your doubts from the teacher. The communication is two-way. You can be a part of the batch or can even study one-on-one using a computer/ laptop and internet connection.

Video lectures or App/ Tablet courses can never replace a two-way live interaction between a teacher and a student for NEET preparation.

Some benefits of Live Classes in NEET online preparation – Short batches, recordings of the live classes available for future reference, doubt removal classes, personal monitoring, online test series, performance analysis and regular counselling.

Which is the best Online Course for NEET?

The best online course for NEET is where teachers are experienced, qualified, and you can understand what they are teaching. Mystudycart provides online courses for NEET where doubt removal is a continuous process during the online course.

We share complete batch calendar in advance with parents and students. There is complete transparency about the teachers, the online platform, student performance, fee and scholarship details. Our online batches are short (20–25 students), so it’s easy to monitor each student’s progress.

If you are looking for NEET online preparation, don’t get lured by Apps and Tablet courses. There is no substitute to an “interactive class with a teacher”. 

Things to keep in mind before joining NEET Online Course

Before you choose an online course for NEET, make sure you take note of some key points.

  • The most important thing to confirm is that it should be a two-way communication between the teacher and a student. Interaction between teacher and student in a class is very important. The online class should not feel like a broadcast channel.
  • Take an online demo class, and if you are satisfied with the quality of the teacher and the platform, the next step is to ask all your queries about online course. You need to clarify about study material, doubt removal sessions, practice tests, performance analysis, student assessment, everything in advance before you enroll for the NEET online course.

If you are interested in joining NEET online course through live classes, then checkout a free online demo class from Mystudycart. It will help you in assessing the quality of teaching and understanding the online platform.


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