6 Benefits of NEET Online Coaching Over Traditional Coaching

By | Last updated on March 7th, 2019

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Traditional coaching classes have been the default choice for students, including medical aspirants, for the preparation of entrance exams. But now with the rise of digital classrooms, NEET online coaching is getting popular among the aspirants.

NEET Online Coaching Benefits Over Traditional Coaching

Let’s see some of the key benefits of NEET online coaching (live online classes, not just recorded lectures) which provides more value to medical aspirants.

1. Class timings are flexible

Sometimes students get tired after attending the school. Going straight to coaching after school results in exhaustion for many students. In online coaching, the classes are generally conducted in the evening time, gives enough time to students for rest and allow them to be mentally prepared for the class.

2. Saves commuting time

In traditional coaching, students go to a coaching institute, which involves travelling time. Online classes saves this time and deliver quality teaching at the comfort of your home. You just require a computer or laptop with internet connection.

3. Experienced and qualified faculty teaching online

In digital classrooms, only the mode of the learning has changed, rest of the things like quality of teaching, study resources, batch calendar, test papers, etc. all are same like traditional coaching classes. In some cases, where experienced NEET teachers are teaching in online mode to aspirants, online classes provides even better quality than local coaching institutes.

4. No chance of missing a lecture

In physical coaching classes, either due to health issue or any other reason, you may miss a class some day. But in online coaching, the classes are recorded for future reference, so if you are absent in any class, you can watch the same class later at any time.

5. Small batches, easy doubt resolution

In a batch of 150-200 students (in a large coaching institute), teachers are unable to focus on an individual student. One-to-one interaction is rarely possible. Due to this, students most often miss out on clearing doubts. Whereas in NEET online classes, the batches are short (20-25 students maximum), which allows a student to ask the doubts more easily and freely.

6. No need to shift to Kota or any other location

Shifting to some other place is not convenient for aspirants. Not just in study and preparation, but also adjusting to the place, food, peers, etc. In a city like Kota, there is always a fear of additional pressure which often leads to depression among the students. With NEET online coaching, aspirants can study from experienced and qualified teachers at their home only.

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