JEE/ NEET Preparation : 5 Ways to Study to Remember Everything During Exam Time

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Remember everything for JEE/ NEET.

“When I study, I remember everything. But during the test, I forget everything.”

“Why do I forget things I have learnt, just before the exam?”

A common issue JEE/ NEET aspirants face is that they feel that they know the topic or concept, but when they write the test, they don’t do well. It’s hard to find the exact reasons for this, but there are certainly cases where students under pressure feel a certain amount of mental “lock-up” which leads them to not do as well as they might otherwise.

Let’s see some methods by which you can regain what you learn during the exam, in a better way.

5 Ways to Study to Remember Everything for JEE/ NEET

1. Read multiple times [with learning assessment]

When you revisit something over and over again, the impact of that information actually lasts. When reading the second time, you catch things that you didn’t notice during the first time, and so on with subsequent readings.

It isn’t like mindlessly reading something over and over. You must test yourself after each read to assess your learning progress. The kind of retrieval that enhances long- term memory and understanding involves asking questions and coming up with answers – Why is this answer important? What does it relate to? How does this answer connect with what I already know? Can I illustrate it with an example?

Doing this, your mind will start remembering everything clearly. You can discuss things more thoroughly with your teachers. During the exam time, you will be able to recall everything easily.

2. Learning through writing

When writing, you remember better, and you will be able to visualise the concept and key points.

“During my preparation, I used to forget theory points no matter how many times I read it. Then I asked my teachers – What should I do to improve memory? They said that writing is the best way. You always remember better when you write things by hand rather than read from a book.” – Atul Balaji, IIT Madras (Best way to remember everything for JEE)

3. Revise as many times as possible

The more you revise, the more you will remember and for a greater time. Keep revising what you are studying, every day, every week, every month. The information will be permanently saved in your subconscious mind. Then it can be easily recalled during the test or exam.

4. Test yourself in an exam stress environment

It can be difficult to recall information if you are tested in a very different context from the one in which you studied for the exam. You only get to do your exam once, but it’s possible to simulate the stress and time-sensitivity of an exam environment.

If you can recall the information quickly in a competitive manner then you can do so in a stressful exam environment. This is the reason you have weekly or monthly tests in coaching. For an online test like JEE, practicing in online mode will be more efficient.

Testing yourself in an exam like scenario, dramatically increases how well you will retain things later on the examination day.

5. Mentally prepared for the exam day

During preparation, once in a while, imagine you writing the exam. The way you write, the kind of questions you answer, entering and exiting the exam hall, asking invigilator for anything, etc. This will prepare you mentally ready for the examination, avoiding any kind of tension and pressure.

Maintain good eating and sleep habits throughout the preparation. Avoid touching new topics 2-3 days before the exam. Have a good peaceful sleep, night before the exam.

Don’t panic. When you enter the examination hall, keep your calm and composure, and you will definitely succeed.

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