Parents Role in IIT JEE Preparation - How can I Prepare my Child for IIT?

Parents role in IIT JEE preparation.

These are the points for parents to read. If you are a student, please share the link of this page with your parents.

How can Parents help their Child to Prepare for IIT JEE?

Things that a parent can do to help his/ her child in IIT JEE preparation :

  • Get the most comfortable IIT coaching for your child. Instead of looking for the best reputed coaching for IIT JEE, find a place where your child feels at home and he/ she would not feel shy or hesitant in asking any doubt from the teacher [possible in IIT JEE online coaching classes].
  • Keep an eye on your child's JEE preparation journey. Don't just enroll your child in a coaching and forget about it, considering that your work is done. You need to keep a constant watch on your child's preparation, performance, issues, problems, etc.
  • Continuous support and encouragement. If your child gets low marks in a test, don't scold or humiliate him/ her. This can negatively affect the confidence of a child. You should tell your child - "Don't worry, it's only one test, you can definitely do well in upcoming tests."
  • Take care of your child's health. It would be very unfortunate if a child falls sick during JEE preparation. Diseases like Jaundice and Typhoid take a long time to recover completely. A child may lose precious time. So make sure he/ she eats healthy food, drinks clean water and stays safe from extreme weather conditions.
  • Don't send the child to Kota or any other city. Shifting to some other place is not convenient for students. Not just in study and preparation but also adjusting to the place, food, peers, etc. In a city like Kota, there is always a fear of additional pressure which often leads to depression among the students. With our IIT JEE online courses, students can study from experienced and qualified teachers at their home only.
  • Never put any kind of pressure or benchmark on your child. Just make sure he/ she does the required hard work and keep motivating him/ her for the realization of a secure future and successful life after clearing IIT JEE.
  • Take some time to have fun with the child. IIT JEE preparation is a long and tedious journey. Students need small breaks from long study sessions to stay refreshed and recharged. Spend quality fun time with your child, whenever possible.
  • Keep the child away from unnecessary distractions and addictions. It's very common for students to get distracted in their goals. Things like Video games, TV, social media or smartphones can easily become an addiction. Your child's primary focus should be on studies and not on wasting time.
  • Give gifts and treats for good results. Promise your child some rewards in return for his/ her efforts and results. When a child gets something as an appreciation, like a gift or special treat, for good results in tests, it will motivate him/ her to achieve more.

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