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I assume everyone knows about IIT JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced), so let’s go straight to things that matters. I hope these IIT JEE preparation tips and suggestions will help you in achieving a handsome rank in JEE entrance.

How many hours of study in IIT JEE preparation?

It totally depends on you. What’s your capacity? How your brain works? You just have to enjoy every hour that you are studying to clear IIT JEE. It can’t be forced.

Nikhil Vanjani, a CSE student from IIT Kanpur rightly says this,

“It depends on how smartly you study, how fast you can grasp, understand and apply, how efficiently you can study. If you can work at 80-90% efficiency, then,10-12 hours maybe sufficient while if your efficiency is 50%, even 15-16 hrs may be less.”

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Don’t Go Extreme!

Please don’t take medicines like to avoid sleep or to enhance your brain capability. Any drug or supplement will harm you more. Do yoga or meditation instead of drugs, every morning half an hour. Take proper sleep and eat healthy food. Your passion and goal will be your biggest motivation to clear IIT JEE.

How to deal with the distractions in IIT JEE preparation?

Get rid of all distractions like TV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora, etc. All these distractions can be addictions also. While preparing for JEE Main and Advanced, you need only one addiction and that is Study.

Use internet for limited time and that too for understanding topics and getting extra help for your preparation. Internet can be the biggest distraction and also quite helpful at the same time. The key is how you handle it.

Everyone have some productive hours in a day when they perform best. You have to build a habit. Identify specific times when you can study better, faster and can digest things quickly.

See the time of the day when your brain gets distracted, do something else during that time. Go outside, take a walk or listen to music.

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Get your doubts cleared regularly in IIT JEE preparation

Solve as much as you can, increase your speed and accuracy, and the most important thing is, get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up.

Analyze Practice Tests / Mock Tests during IIT JEE preparation

Whenever you attempt any mock / practice test, you are likely to give wrong answers. The objective is not just to solve the test but analyzing it on the same day for mistakes and weakness. If you follow this strategy, you will surely improve with each test that you give during the IIT JEE preparation.

Revision is very important in IIT JEE preparation

IIT JEE preparation takes a lot of your time. You understand topics, solve problems and old concepts fades away from your mind. For efficient preparation, consistent revision is necessary. Your notes will help you during your revision time.

Start Loving Your Subjects

For IIT JEE preparation, start loving Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Let them become your passion and obsession. Allow yourself to drown in them, get back to the basics, and learn to think.

Lookout for help and guidance in IIT JEE preparation

For school preparation, you may manage by yourself, but for JEE Main and Advanced, you need some kind of guidance. It’s not just for helping you in solving problems or clearing doubts, but to keep a constant watch on you and your preparation level. So don’t hesitate in asking your doubts and taking help from outside.

Hope it helps.

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