Life Experience After Getting into IIT. What IIT Teaches Us?

By | Last updated on June 1st, 2018

What iit teaches you in life

Is there any difference between what I thought of the IITs and what I found when I got into one?

Did I get any cultural shock or surprised after entering into IIT?

First of all I should say that IIT is the best thing happened to me and I don’t have any regrets. 🙂

Experience After Getting into IIT

Before getting into IIT, I thought that it will be a place of academic excellence. But, after getting into IIT, I realised that IIT teaches us how to live our life.

  • There is no bound on how to spend our time. IIT teaches us how to manage our freedom and decide our priorities.
  • There are a lot of opportunities to learn whatever we want.
  • There are many clubs for academics, extra-curricular activities and hobbies and above all, if you think that there must be some club X, then you can start it yourself at IIT Kanpur (my second home).
  • There are both extremes of students from the ones who spend most of their time doing a variety of activities to those who study most of the time.

If I have to summarise those two years of IIT JEE preparations and these 4 years of IIT then, it would be:

Those two years of coaching taught me “How to Study” and these four years in IIT are teaching me “How to live my life”.

I have entered into the second year now, so there is a lot more to explore in the coming years.

Nikhil Vanjani
IIT Kanpur


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