The Right Way of Learning and Exam Preparation for Introvert Students

By | August 28, 2015

An introvert student iit medical preparation

I am an introvert. I don’t go to parties, weddings and company tours. I feel awkward in social events. I like to be in a crowd where not many people know me.

In my school days, I was a quiet student in the class, not that active like others. If the teacher asked a question, even though I knew the answer, I used to remain silent. I was afraid to ask new questions.

For those who don’t know,

An introvert student is someone who is quiet, like to be alone, and not comfortable working on group assignments and studies. Introvert students are not much responsive in the class, don’t ask questions, and hesitate to give answers.

Examinations like IIT JEE and AIPMT (NEET) requires a lot of hard work, concentration and positive environment. Introvert students need special attention from the teachers and parents in order to prepare well for these type of exams.

What are the options for introvert students to prepare well for any examination?

1 on 1 Classes

In a class at school or in a coaching institute, there are some students who don’t interact with teacher. Either they are afraid or may get nervous to ask questions or give answers.

But why?

One of the reason may be, they feel uncomfortable because of other students in the class. “What if my question is completely irrelevant!”, “Will they laugh at me?”, Thoughts like these limit their capability to engage in the class, which is not a good learning environment for any student.

There is nothing wrong in these students, it’s their personality. They are introverts and it’s completely fine to be an introvert.

1 on 1 classes are good option for these students. One teacher – One student. Now they can ask questions without worrying about what others may think about them, because there will be no other student in the class.

A good teacher in 1 on 1 classes gives complete attention to a single student and student will be happy to learn things more effectively.

But what about comparison? How they can assess themselves in compare to other students?

One of the things that introvert students don’t like is to be compared against others. They learn best when assessed individually. A good teacher or an expert take care of the learning curve of the student in 1 on 1 classes.

Role of parents

Sometimes parents are not aware of the personality of their children. They may be doing good in the academics, finishing homework and assignments on time, scoring good marks, but they can do even better if right environment is provided to them on the basis of their personality type.

It’s important to identify and understand the personality of a child and take decision on the basis of that, rather than going with the trend and flow of joining regular coaching classes.

Role of a teacher

A teacher should handle introvert students separately from the extrovert students. Don’t force them to engage if they don’t want. Talk to them in private regularly and ask if they have any doubts, because otherwise they don’t tell you about their issues.

The more you know your students outside the class, the more comfortable they will be in the class.

Don’t tell them to become extroverts!

As a parent or a teacher you might have heard of the advices like, “to help a child overcome being an introvert”. You can try to teach them the value of socializing and connecting with extrovert world, but don’t force them to become an extrovert.

Introversion is not something to overcome. It’s a part of who we are, just like any other quality.

Don’t apply standards in classrooms that are more favorable to extrovert students. Provide alternatives to introvert students to the things that they are not comfortable with.

Give some alone time to introvert students

Introvert students likes to be in solitude. Give them time and space. It’s like recharging their batteries.

An ideal classroom for them would be a unique sitting space where they can sit alone for a small period of time, away from any stimulation.

An appeal to all teachers and parents : Read this conversation with Susain Cain on how to teach young introverts, where she is conveying a message that there’s such an enormous need for parents and teachers to better understand how to love and cultivate the introverted kid.

Note: If you are not an introvert student, and have read this post, can you please pass this to someone who may find this useful. Thanks!

How much I changed  from school time!

At present, I like to give answers. Students ask me questions on Quora and I try to give them best answers. I dare to ask questions from experts in my niche and I rebut them when they are wrong. I love to rant against worst practices and wrong doings.

I am daring, confident and communicate well. But all this is in online world, not the physical one! I am still an introvert and I feel good about it.


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