Which is Better – Coaching or Self Study for JEE/ NEET?

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Coaching or self study.

Which is Better – Coaching or Self Study for JEE/ NEET?

This is a very strange question. Coaching or training will help you to achieve your goals at every stage of your life. Right now, it’s about JEE or NEET, later it will be acquiring skills and certifications. On the other hand, coaching without self-study won’t work at all.

It should not be about coaching or self-study comparison when it comes to JEE and NEET preparation. Both are important. One without the other doesn’t work. Self-study, guided and monitored by coaching teachers, will help you to crack your target exam.

Role of Self Study in JEE / NEET Preparation

Self-study is very-very important. You may have India’s best teachers of IIT JEE and NEET to teach you, but if you don’t study and practice at home on your own, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired result.

When you burn the midnight oil, It’s the sign of positive effort you are putting in to achieve your dream. (Just a popular phrase, early morning hours are more productive for some students.)

Importance of Coaching for JEE/ NEET

The students who are getting into IITs and top medical colleges, are the ones who are well prepared and consistently work hard. Teachers in coaching helps a lot in JEE/ NEET Preparation. With a systematic and well defined process to prepare for entrance examinations, here are some reasons why coaching and good teachers are irreplaceable.

1. Coaching clears your doubts

Doubts lead to frustration, procrastination, disappointments and many more roadblocks in your preparation. You have to clear your doubts asap. There are no better people than your teachers to clear your doubts.

2. Coaching provides the strategy to crack the exams

Cracking JEE or NEET is not just about how many books you read or questions you solved. It’s also about time management, precision, speed, accuracy, shortcuts and tricks to solve problems. In coaching, everything is a part of a well defined strategy to prepare for the exams.

How many chapters you need to complete in a specified time, when to practice more tests, what should be the right approach to solve a problem, how to solve conceptual questions, common errors to avoid. These are some of the areas where your teachers and mentors in coaching will help you immensely.

3. Coaching brings discipline

We have seen this many times, during self study without any monitoring and support, students miss out on the opportunity. They get easily affected by distractions when nobody is watching or keeping an eye on their studies. In coaching, the teachers continuously monitor the performance and results of students in order to improve.

4. Coaching provides feedback, counselling and experience

Who performs the role of giving you feedback on your tests? Who will correct your mistakes? Who will motivate you when you feel low some day? The teachers in coaching have many years of experience of preparing students for these examinations. Not just in terms of academics but also in handling mental pressure of students.

Aman Bansal, JEE Topper 2016, on his coaching and teachers,

“My mentors and guides at my coaching institute helped me immensely right from clarifying the concepts to providing the right study materials, test papers, analyzing my mistakes and suggesting ways of rectifying those errors and improving my performance.”


Coaching + Self Study is the right option for JEE/ NEET preparation. Combination of self study and coaching will give you the best results.

Prepare for JEE and NEET at your home under the guidance of best coaching teachers through Online Courses.

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