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JEE Preparation Tips

A class 11 student preparing for IIT JEE asked this question – I feel quite depressed as there are many smart people in my batch who have the answer ready before the question. I want some tips for preparing seriously for the exam. I am an average student in my coaching. Can I crack JEE?

IIT JEE Preparation Tips for Average Students

Do not bother about other people for a while. Work on yourself for a short period of time. Develop yourself. Live as if others don’t exist. Here are some tips for your IIT-JEE preparation.

1. Deactivate Facebook, WhatsApp, and all sorts of distractions.

2. It’s okay to take a break from the college (PU) or school schedule and strengthen your concepts. For example, if they’re teaching you the 5th chapter at college (school), and it’s all going above your head. There’s no thumb rule that you have to move along.

Take a break. Take some time away from people. A deep breath. And flip back to the first chapter. Gain perfection there. Because, in the syllabus, everything is interrelated.

Without knowing how to resolve components, you cannot expect yourself to solve a complicated Irodov mechanics problem.

3. Once you strengthen your concepts, you’ll gain confidence. Start solving problems.
Start basic. Increase your difficulty level. And there you are.

4. Practice a lot. Never Ever Look at Examples or Read them. Practice every time. Though everything appears simple, never let the book solve a question for you. Examples are just for reference.

Once you’re back on track and at a good pace with everyone, here are some subject wise tips.

Physics :

1) Before going for the higher level, make sure you’re thorough with your NCERT.
2) HC Verma is God. Concepts are beautifully and very playfully explained in this book.
3) Also follow your college or school material. Solve a lot of problems.
4) Be perfect with the concepts. It is a blunder to be able to solve problems without being clear about concepts. Though it seems okay now, you’ll realize it in the long term.

Chemistry :

1) Again NCERT. This book is often underestimated compared to those big fat books.
But it gives you the best possible clarity.

2) Once you master the NCERT level, there are standard books for reference. Don’t make the blunder of falling for the charm of those books at the start. That might waste your time. Master NCERT. Only then go for the following books.

  • Inorganic Chemistry : OP Tandon.
  • Organic Chemistry : OP Tandon OR Jagadamba Singh
  • Physical Chemistry : OP Tandon.

A very important trick I would suggest for Chemistry,

  • Notes are very very important for chemistry. Specially when it comes to remembering things. Make it a point to note down the key points. And keep referring to them. Just go through them before going to bed. This will help you a lot.
  • Sticky Notes: This was my savior. You get them in stationery shops. Have these all over your room. This way, you would be able to remember a lot of things.

Mathematics :

1) Practice, practice, practice, is the only key for Mathematics. From wherever you can. The maximum you can.

2) The concepts and the formulae should be at your fingertips. Know every shortcut possible. Know every formula possible. Never make the blunder of deriving formulae in the exam. There’s no better way of falling short of time.

Finally, use Internet to the minimum. Sure there are a lot of amazing videos and things over the internet. But old school is always the best. Internet should be used only when there’s no other way.

One exception to the above point is Online Coaching – Traditional classroom in digital medium.

All the best. 🙂

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